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We've all heard stories of men who can engage in sexual intercourse for hours, enjoying multiple sex sessions over and over again and blowing their partner's mind in the process. And while it's easy to write these tales of stamina off as fiction or embellished boasting, the fact is that with the right steps almost any man can. Multiple Sex Sessions - AskMen Rikki. Age: 30. Hello dear gentelmen Want to add to the discussion? When we get a weekend alone, he usually outlasts me to the point of freakishness. guys let's say you know that on friday you are going to have the chance to have sex 4, 5, 6 times. how would you prepare for it? what would you do on that day re food, rest or whatever? I say dont worry about it, because sadly, it's not going to happen for you. nah j/k. Stay hidrated(I know i can't spell). Alli. Age: 25. Self confident and always dressed in perfect occassion i love finer things in life and can entertain you in many different ways. I like the quiet moments and the pleasant conversational ours at the fireplace. Enjoying Multiple Sex Sessions Feb 3, - In college, I went over to a guy's apartment and we spent the whole day having sex and watching movies. We had sex four times, but there were multiple orgasms during one of the sessions." —Cara D. "It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be." "I had sex with my wife seven times in a row, and let me tell you. My girlfriend and I are in our early 20s just out of college. We have been together for a year. We have a lot of fun but because of restrictions Multiple sex sessions?: NoFap.

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Kala. Age: 28. i’m intelligent, elegant and stunning. I ensure top-high standards, consistency and reliability. I’m not interested about the quantity. The quality is absolutely essential for me as well as for you. Sep 19, - “One fantastic orgasm each night is more than most of us could hope for — but can you make her scream your name with multiple sex sessions until the sun comes up? It doesn't get much more studly than that, does it? Unfortunately, having sex all night is not as simple or as easy as just showing up with a. Aug 12, - Everyone knows that real life has a tendency to get in the way of having awesome all-night sex, from 9 AM jobs to simple biological capability. Now, this Before you begin, make sure your want to do it multiple times is coming from a good place. Sometimes when you're feeling insecure about your. Jul 22, - Your girlfriend is lucky: As a woman, she's practically built to have multiple orgasms in a single session. You Even if your sex drive isn't particularly low, once you're around 30 years old Stegall says it's a good idea to get your T-levels checked with a blood test by a doctor who specializes in anti-aging.


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