The roof is trimmed with a wool blend cloth and silk. Dilambdaman on 20 September, , This page was last edited on 8 February , at It is for creative writing: An imminent future, destined to take shape on the next models produced by the brand.

There may be real traps as some agencies make their clients who order essays pay for nothing. A TV camera ensures the car stays in lane. No handbrake lever is fitted. Its autobox is attentive and smooth. Hi Paul, The link will take you to the Modestine thread. Prototype with 3,2 V6. Nabuk is abundantly in evidence and the oddments compartments are made out of deformable material covered in soft wood.

Lancia Thesis

The active front suspension features a feeling management system — and a model reference monitoring and test system is also fitted. The differential therefore adjusts to different driving styles and driver tastes to make the car more docile — or alternatively more tnesis and poised for action. This new soft revolution is not based on hard technology as in the past a case in point was the Lambda with its impressive total of seven world patents but still radically changes our experience of the car.

Lancia invested heavily in the Sportiav and, unlike the predecessor the Kappa which shared an automobile platform with the Alfa Romeothe Thesis was designed with its own chassis [5]. Looks fantastichope everything works out.

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Hi Paul, The link will take you to the Modestine thread. Driving options are selected with buttons on the steering wheel and associated messages are displayed on the car monitor. Despite hundreds to choose from, all the late low mileage cars at realistic money have failed to deliver the goods, they are missing history lease companies keeping hold of service books? An elasto-kinematic toe-in system also significantly increases car stability when cornering.


Nabuk is abundantly in evidence and the oddments compartments are made out of deformable material covered in soft wood. With the gearbox, handbrake and stalk unit done away with, car use is simplified to the greatest degree.

Lancias mentioned, seen or wanted! These results have been achieved by doing away with all intrusive or bulky items and the Top Climate System has been created. The Dialogos is also fitted with rear footrests built into the back of the front seats. The onboard information system is complete with micro-telecamera and radar, and provides all the necessary information for constant, complete control of the road.

The colour of the windows there is apparently only one is very similar to the incredible blue of the body. As a matter of interest, what will your annual road tax be for it? The system is self-learning, i. Look great when new, rubbish for longevity.

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We chose to limit ourselves to solutions which will really be applied to standard production cars: This is then used automatically for different driving styles sporty or touring — or even on different cars equipped with the same system.

This material consists of a film of real wood bonded to a layer of resin and foam.


Screens, keyboards, a fridge, small table and document holders all appear from inside the furnishings, when they are needed. It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car lanccia front.

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Mark reckons it should take weeks from sourcing the right car to collecting it fully registered and UK compliant. These conditions can be customised and memorised.

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Dilambdaman on 20 Theais, The Thesis is equipped with 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic “Comfortronic” not for 2. The production car premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and its interior was displayed for first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This magical lighting system is repeated by the rear neon lights.

lancia thesis sportiva test

Paul Tipo38 what lacnia the latest on your car? The headlamps automatically adapt light beam intensity to external conditions. Earliest prototype of Thesis was Giubileo, presented to Pope John Paul II, bearing very similar body although modified as a landaulet. I would be interested to know about the problems with your wheels from the other thread, I believe you previously replaced three, is this an 18″ Thesiss issue or do all Thesis wheels have issues? Prototype with 3,2 V6.