Like the good butler, it is keeping its personality, its means of operation, completely hidden. Wherever this type of service is available, the driver is always kept abreast of situations that he or she will meet along the road by means of a small written message. This may fool the electronics. However, the suspension of relatively recent hydractive Citroens is confusing. It is also possible to activate the seat heating and choose three different temperature settings: In many ways I think FCA suffers from Roveritis, which is to say that, while they have people in their ranks who are individually talented and work hard, management is fundamentally an inept cancer that continually enables a deep-seated culture of close-enough-is-good-enough.

It represents an effective aid for a relaxed drive in full comfort. Electric handles The Lancia Thesis comes with exclusive electric catches that open the doors by means of a power-assisted mechanism. On the move Driving satisfaction, travelling satisfaction. However, I am not the only user and have to compromise. I have my eye on a Delta: These headlamps are so technically complex that they require two separate electronic control units:

To this end, Lancia threw enormous resources at the Thesis such that it had its own unique platform and shared no pressings or interior parts with any other Fiat group product.

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The system may also come with six independent amplifiers: This time lapse means that the new data need not be reset when the trip is resumed after stopping for a coffee. The RDS cuts out interference by means of imperceptible frequency changes.

I enjoyed your review. The on-board environment When they developed the Lancia Thesis, our engineers and designers set themselves the task of surrounding driver and passengers with technological systems that can guarantee maximum safety and the thesos standards of comfort coupled with plenty of well-being.


These devices are produced in conjunction with Hella, a leading European company and offer the best possible light quality and excellent efficiency under all atmospheric conditions. This is to prevent the system from continuing to emit a sound when manoeuvring along a wall parallel to the car’s centre line. This is ideal if you wish to enter or leave the car at night or under conditions of poor visibility.

LANCIA THESIS – Advanced technology at the service of in-car well-being

The diamond shaped headlamps are powerful Xenon units. Administrator Megaposter Offline Posts: To reactivate the system, just press any climate control key: It does not fall into the trap of creating unnatural sounds that are initially appealing but are tiresome for the listener in the long run.

lancia thesis skyhook fault

Rain sensor sensitivity may be modified by adjusting a three-position selector on the right stalk. When you turn the lights on, the dashboard combines the simplicity of the past with ultra-new electroluminescent technology that makes the instruments easier to read by setting them against a soft blue background.

Some interesting ideas have been adopted on the Lancia Thesis. The sound also wraps around all the occupants and gives them the sensation that it is travelling through a much larger environment, because the sound system and the passenger compartment rhesis been designed together to ensure perfect harmony skyhookk the technical specifications of both.

Driving home from work last Wednesday with approx 30miles to tehsis a bright red battery light appeared in the middle of my dash. Each function has its own screen giving information on current system status and lists of items that can be selected using the cursor.

In this way, the system automatically reverses the direction if the panel encounters an obstacle e. Bi-Xenon headlamps Excellent visibility at all times, even in the dark, is an important preventive safety factor. During the trip, the lanvia volume is lowered automatically so that the driver can hear voice indications on the route and then returns to the previous settings.


2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

For safety reasons, if the sensor does not work, the side lights and dipped beams are turned on independently of exterior brightness while the instrument panel indicates a fault. Brian 8 Brian 8 Title: Each time the system is turned on, it returns to the conditions saved upon deactivation, except for the ‘MAX DEF’ function, which is zeroed.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The skyhopk takes the form of a vertical rod that acts as an internal joint between pillar and upper wishbone. The system was developed by Mannesmann-Sachs skjhook takes the form of 6 sensors that determine relative speed between body and wheels in order to choose the optimum damping force to be provided by each individual shock absorber.

The stereo system can be operated by a remote control unit. Let’s see how the Radar Cruise Control system works in a real-life situation.

lancia thesis skyhook fault

Another convenient, generous armrest between the front seats houses an oddments compartment. Comfort seats On the Comfort version, the Lancia Thesis front seats are fully electric.

lancia thesis skyhook fault

A special bonding process has also been designed to secure the structure. On at least two of the white cars, rivulets caused by running paint are very clearly visible. On the Emblema version, it can be electrically adjusted in vertical and horizontal directions to offer all customers a comfortable, correct driving position.