Or used to be. Please shut-up about kissing Blaine. Thanks for letting me think you were straight. As soon as the bridesmaids are gone, Santana sneaks in to tell her fiancee how lovely she looks. We’ve seen Kurt when he gets emotional.

She also wants to smash wine glasses as in Jewish tradition because Jews always have the best of luck? You showed me there was a place for me and Santana, too. Please shut-up about kissing Blaine. Turns out, Blaine had kissed him. In the end, I won out by promising Blaine that he could toss the bouquet. Kurt, you’re married now. Have I said happy enough times?

Santana smirks and exits, and Sue looks sad, and Jane Lynch is a great enough actress that I actually feel a wee bit sorry for the principal.

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And people are giving speeches. Okay, first things first: We’re gonna hide now, before Kurt murders us.

klaine wedding speech

Now, here we all are, at Kurt and Blaine’s wedding. But by the time the credits were rolling, we were witnesses to not just one but two fan favorite Glee couples getting hitched! That’s right, as Sam Chord Overstreet so astutely put it, “It’s a double gay wedding!


klaine wedding speech

Blaine, who you would not stop talking about. During meetings, no less. And I didn’t even know that Kurt and Blaine were dating until I caught them on the making out on the couch. They all hug, but Artie looks pensive. I would’ve suffered it all just for the tiny chance to be standing up here marrying you. After all, klaind that what you always are and will be?

Cause Blaine’s dad is a dick. Darren Criss will be the next Hedwig on Broadway, you guys!!

What You Missed on “Glee”: The Brittana Wedding Takes Shape as Klaine Gets Back Together

In the end, I won out by promising Blaine that he could toss the bouquet. He praises his daughter and daughter-in-law, and tells her how pretty she looks in her gown even though she is, for some reason, wearing cowboy boots with it now.

Because every couple picks their wedding venue a week or so before the ceremony. My Nude Erections, Blaine’s little birds, our families.

The both of you are the perfect examples of what love is. Kurt, you’re married now. And Blaine, you helped him. Anyway, I want to thank all of you for coming.


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Klaine Kurt and Blaine. So, we put a little poison in the birdseed, made sure Kurt would know all about the “Proper bird funeral procedures” which, Kurt, we completely made up, and speecu sure that Blaine was there to watch.

Brittana Brittany and Santana. Santana filmed them, and edited them into a wedding album for Kurt and Blaine.

I looked down and it turns out I was in labour and, Brittany, it was you! Cheers to celebrating family.

klaine wedding speech

It was a necessary sacrifice. He turns into a pile of gooey, mush, easily manipulated. Then, when Blaine first came to the house, he just strengthened my distrust.

Oh, quit whining, Tina. So, back to the show. Mike proposes that they go out and dance, and Tina accepts, and they walk out together, and this is Harry Shum Jr.