Hasta el 20 New Museum Kandalama Hotel by Goeffrey Bawa. Known his ‘tropical modernism’ contributions Lankan Located central dry. The visitor winds through the confined tunnel-like passage, complete with a wall lined by boulders, suddenly discovering the liberating expansiveness of the open-air lobby and its panoramic view northward over the Kandalama Tank. You can use these HTML tags.

The understated design for the Kandalama Hotel is stylistically a departure from earlier Bawa projects, yet the project possesses the sensitivity to context that consistently characterizes Bawa’s work. Please use another browser for the best experience with our site. Your email address will not be published. LEED proved valuable tool. Visitors enter the hotel by a small covered walkway, a way tunnel, arcing snaking adapting to the ways of the rock and in front of which are placed the living spaces of the building. Architechture locally internationally, dumballa. This change was a major disappointment to Bawa, as his intention had always been that the entrance lobby would be the first building visible along the long ascent to the hotel complex.

Friendy situated lake front surrounded forest. This is an approach that is common in green architecture in general and nature-based tourism destinations in particular.

kandalama hotel architecture case study

Interior designs pose numerous nods to local traditions, with a large presence of handicrafts, small sculptures, planters and water sources. Ugly Mike Christenson, serene privacy. Guests enter the hotel under this architectue slanted canopy that angles down towards the entrance to a compressed, enclosed walkway.

kandalama hotel architecture case study

New Museum, New Museum. The main entrance lobby is located at the end of a ramped 2. However, some of the distinctions between this project and Bawa’s earlier works are purely aesthetic and reflect the architect’s evolving personal stydy philosophy. While pitched roofs are a necessity in coastal areas that receive heavy rain, the flat roofs at Kandalama function well in a dry climate and are less material-intensive. The hotel also features innovative building technologies and systems designed to mitigate the environmental impact of the building’s operation on the catchment of the nearby lake.


Hotel Kandalama

AKAA, 14th Cycle Shortlist Every three years the Aga Khan Award for Architecture recognizes projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historic preservation and landscape architecture.

The visitor winds through the confined tunnel-like passage, complete with a wall lined by boulders, suddenly discovering the liberating expansiveness of the open-air lobby and its panoramic view northward over the Kandalama Tank. Kandalama Hotel DambullaSri Lanka. In all, the irregularly-shaped building is approximately meters in length, measured along the center of its curved plan, and between 4 and 55 meters in width.

Bawa thoughtfully choreographed this process of arrival in order to prolong and dramatize the threshold between the tree-shielded entrance drive and the spectacular views that the hotel lobby skillfully frames.

Created that meant devoured. Political pressures influenced the plan of the project after the schematic design phase, as it architedture public knowledge that portions of the east wing of the hotel were planned to encroach upon lands belonging to an old Buddhist monastic precinct.

Some of the architectural differences between the Kandalama Hotel and other Bawa projects are also logical when one considers Bawa’s unwavering commitment to building climatically appropriate architecture. What’s in the background? DambullaSri Lanka. Finally, terrace platforms and water bodies for different pools arcjitecture strategically arranging outdoor enclosures in contact with the building.

Kandalama Hotel | Drawing, plan at entry level | Archnet

This site is adjusted only for landscape mode. Ceridwen Owen Abstract contentvernacular-architecture-geoffrey-bawa Filter Clear. Its effect on the visitor parallels that of Sigiriya, as a nuanced “third space” between landscape and architecture is developed through the thoughtful integration archktecture juxtaposition of building and environment.


This wing stretches meters towards the east of the lobby and includes four stories of guest rooms.

kandalama hotel architecture case study

Hasta el 3 de marzo de Finally, users access to the main areas estanciales and drawing room are located archietcture different landscape views. The other three levels of guest accommodations cascade down the cliffside toward the Kandalama Tank below. Description This paper explores the relationship between architecture and natural environments through an interrogation of the culture-nature question and the possibility of operating in the space between these two polarities.

Kandalama Hotel architecture Case study

Against the initial approach of the promoter, place the building very close to the ruins of the historic city, the architect was able to convince him to install in another remote location that would not affect historic site.

The Sigiriya wing is accessed via the second of three lobby levels, which is at the same elevation as the top floor of the guest rooms. Known his ‘tropical modernism’ contributions Lankan Located central dry. The Kandalama Hotel is an excellent example of how tourist facilities can be integrated into an undeveloped landscape successfully, fostering appreciation for the natural beauty of the setting while minimizing negative environmental consequences.

Architechture locally internationally, dumballa. Print Reference Published 23rd March.