Conclusion Man is dependent on energy, which has been the key to his rapid industrial growth and technological development. To connect with Css Exam Forum, join Facebook today. Absence of culture of accountability 5. Copper and gold resources. Global Zero envisages eliminating nuclear weapons through phased and verified reduction over a period of years.

Politically, the influence of the US and its unilateral posture has been seriously checked. Till then United States of America followed isolationist policies in international realm. Poverty, over population, high crime rate. But it has been revealed by relevant data that the 40 per cent increase in the sea level was due to warming and 60 per cent increase was due to melting of ice. Corruption from top to bottom creating burden on the government exchequer Social causes 1. The fact that she belongs to the female sex has no bearing on her status or personality, and it is no basis for justification of prejudice or injustice against her.

When Islam enjoins the seeking of knowledge upon Muslims, it makes no distinction between man and woman. In other words, there emerged multipowers or centres power.

However, due to its inadequate preparedness to manage disasters, it has failed to effectively cope with them. It has proved to be expensive in terms of almost all elements of power and in human terms. Arabian Peninsula enjoys a significant strategic position in the world. The National Green Day was ….


However, the daunting challenges and the mounting public pressure caused due to awareness of civil society are increasingly influencing the political decision making. Search in titles only. The rules for married life in Islam are clear and in harmony with upright human nature.


Globalisation has strengthened ties and connection in economy, politics, science and technology, culture and society around the world. The Americans and Japanese learned different lessons from these bombings.

Once our youth are employed, they will naturally add to the income of their families and consequently eradicate their poverty. The methodology of English departments in universities is also in question. Documentaries of Al jazeerah were consulted Opinions from Washington Post ,Guardian and other Renowned papers were consulted Movies related to history ,like the pianist ,schindliers list etc were consulted.

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Draw as many relevant diagrams, tables and flowcharts as you can in this paper. Microelectronic circuits by Sedra Smith 3. Besides these conflicts, the fossil fuels cause havoc to our environment.

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Essay about youth selfie addiction article report review on entrepreneurship write my opinion essay self friendship at school essay newsletter. Wednesday, May 25, The young generation of Pakistan makes bulk of the population of country. Edsay fear of the collapse of the state encouraged authoritarian style of governance.

This uneven distribution of consumption and production is the one cause of energy crisis. Since, the emissions are proportional to the consumption; these are not evenly distributed around the world. Weaker disaster management, nevertheless, accounts for the damages caused by floods uptill now; as International Monetary Fund IMF puts it, “Floods which have devastated Pakistan will present a massive economic and political challenge to its government and people.


There are essy that the coral reefs are diminishing due to temperature increase; which will disturb basic food chain in marine life.

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The reason for threat to these species is that they are unable to migrate in response to climate change due to human activity and urbanisation. Perils of nuclear weapons 4. According to moderate estimates, the US and Russia have about of total weapons in the world. The liberal education has been defined in many ways, though emphasizing the similar essential elements. Inability to resolve the core issues of Muslim world, like: Strong writ of the government on all fronts Situation of governance in Pakistan 1.

Countries like US, China and India generate electricity by almost 60 percent from coal due to its lower cost. Measures to improve disaster management in Pakistan Here, I disapprove those tutors who take 3 months or so to teach how to write correct English. Generation of new employment opportunities 9.