JustCloud also has a Knowledge Base center, where users can find installation guides, troubleshooting information, account and billing information, answers to frequently asked questions, and tutorials on how to sync, share and back up files. Just looking at the emails they are clearly dishonest. Please ensure you do not give this company any free publicity and help to protect other users from this company. The best way to decide is to sign up for their basic free plan , download the web app and test their user interface and features to see if they meet your requirements. It is a good backup file for all of my videos, notes, pictures and more. All of this leads me to think to myself: Totally useless and a scam.

After it was my fault but I would have loved to receive some feedback from their end. I agree with all the poor assessments. I subscribed to JustCloud for over 2 years and always had problems. It simply quit backing up any further. I just got off the phone with the customer service. I have just been told that I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal.

I uploaded almost 1GB of my data, all of which is lost.

They have taken my money and not given the service offered in return, by any possible definition. All of my files were gone!

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The sharing prompt does state that the link will allow access, but this link will lead directly to a page to set up an account. Hello I hope that you will publish this.

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Thank you for reading. What am I supposed to do if my computer dies and I have to download all my files again? It is a good backup file for all of my videos, notes, pictures and more. Maybe the code is similar to malware. Their standard support desk is completely useless. You do not have to even use your own desktop or whatever you may use to access the internet.


I subscribed to JustCloud for over 2 years and always had problems. It does backup your files, but it imposes so many restrictions, that, when you pay for it, it is the most expensive one.

When I did manage to reinstall it by disabling my anti-virus, Just cloud wants me to pay for a new license.!! There are thousands out there like me that this company has scammed. Their support is slow and inaccurate, restores are very slow on the odd occasion that it actually works and they are very expensive also.

Horrible product and whoever manages it is a complete douche.

Even jusycloud plans with a long-term commitment are more expensive than the first tier of storage from providers such as Google Drive for more info on that, read our Google Drive review. I was using JustCloud and had been happy with them until today.

Not only does it protect your privacy poorly, JustCloud also goes out of its way to dodge any liability. In terms of feature availability JustCloud have certainly upped their game making cloud storage a simple and efficient task.

They disabled bksiness link to stop automatic renewals!!!

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Same logo, same interface, etc. In the past few months they have pkan servers or something, and lost a lot of data. The cap is at G. My favorite part about JustCloud is the fact that I am able to save any type of file.


After 1 year into the second contract their product froze while backing up.

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I love having the ability to save my files for work, as well as my personal files. For example, for automated, business backups the maximum file size is set to 1GB. However, recently my computer crashed and was garbage. I never have lost anything by accident after using JustCloud for my backup. I just got off the phone with the customer service.

justcloud business plan

My 2 cents on JustCloud I once lost all of my photos and documents because my computer completely crashed, I was almost devastated over the lose of my pictures I have a lot of pictures with memories of my grandfather and grandmother whom both had passed away.

To add insult to injury, JustCloud refused to refund me for the remainder of my subscription by stating that I have already passed the 14 days review date! I removed files to get space back for latest backups, space remained the same. When I logged in, I discovered that the only files that were currently stored on my account were those associated with my new laptop.

Their customer support was useless and then eventually stopped responding to my emails.