Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4 Key Stage 5 Enrichment Marking Policy The Key Stage 3 curriculum covers a combination of British, European and world history and provides a varied approach to studying the past, examining topics both thematically and in depth. Students study four themes. KS4 KS4 practice exam questions and mock exams are likely to be graded. Students will be required to draw links between different periods and regimes and develop a detailed understanding of events and developments in depth including the role of women across the period, the Holocaust and opposition in Nazi Germany. Narayan Movie 3gp Free Download. Future trips to the LHC are being planned. The school now has a policy for homework that involves extended projects at Years 7 and 8.

Component 1; Study of Religion; Beliefs and Practices Students study Christianity and Islam and look at topics such as prayer, pilgrimage, festivals, the nature of God, baptism, communion, the five pillars, prophets and the Crucifixion. When they had homework it was a fight to get them to do their work and it.. Students will write a word essay which is internally and externally moderated. Theatre of debate Year 9 and 10 pupils will take part in a theatre of debate performance on 23 rd February. These are found on their pale yellow progress cards, which are stuck into their planners.

For more information see: Jordan National Red Crescent Society volunteers run homework clubs in Jordan to help Jordanian and Syrian children with their homework. Agyapong, N KS4 curriculum lead and cohort manager. They should turn it in daily linls weekly and be held accountable for this work through non-punitive measures.


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Other KS3 subjects will be using NC levels for the remainder of this year. This will be carried out in the style of a written assessment task.

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Trips to visit Cambridge and UCL for physics and science lectures will take place this year for A-level physics students. FutureLearn aims to pioneer the best jfcs learning experiences for everyone, anywhere. Students study an Ethics module looking at scholars such as Joseph Fletcher and Jeremy Bentham and their reactions to moral issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

Glover, J Director of Learning Science.

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At present we begin our Key Stage 4 after the Easter term in Year 9 but next year, as a direct result lins our 2 year Key Stage 3 courses we will begin in Sept of Year 9. State what background radiation is and compare the radiation received from 4 sources of background radiation.

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Grade in the results and concepts taught fourth grade class. They are also sent home to parents.

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Students will be assessed by a written task at the end of each topic and a formal test at the end of each term. We are a strong, kinks and vibrant department that is passionate about science and education.

Students receive developmental comments to help them improve their work. The topic will explore the significance of Weltpolitik, the Naval Arms Race, conflict in the Balkans and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In non-practical subjects one substantial piece of work will be task marked at least once every eight hours of teaching. Buddhism Extended Homework Year 7: Hoework 1; Thematic Study Students study four themes.


Nightly work should be no more than 30 hojework and not as-signed on weekends. Students study four themes. At Key Stage 3 it is the intention that students will be set two pieces of homework within a half-term period.

Welcome to the AS physics HW blog. Further Information At Key Stage 3 students do a formal evaluation of their own work, peer assessment and skills review for each completed module. Norton’s summer homework policy.

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At Key Stage 5 it is the intention that students will be given a piece of homework once a week. Longson, P Head lijks History. Furthermore, key historical debates including the extent to which Germany planned and executed a war of aggression will be debated. To establish a team spirit amongst all the staff at JRCS and visiting instrumental staff.

Students receive developmental comments to help them improve their work.

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Students will respond to the tasks and they will be checked by staff. B Fukushima In there was an accident at a nuclear power station at Fukushima in Japan. Each VIMA result includes four parts: In non-practical subjects one substantial piece of work will be task marked at least once every eight hours of teaching.