Derived from my own introspection and understanding of Freud’s and Jung’s dream theories: People who think they’re something are surprised when they realize they will die. Soon we forget the grass. Inner and outer are both pieces of nature and the same processes and cycles are found in both. If we want to get around this we can look at our dreams which reflect the sides of ourselves we can’t see or ask people how we look to them. And it is not open to anyone who is found to advocate such things or is a member of a group that advocates such things. You find that you will be dying, painlessly, in 30 seconds.

But it also happens that being with others can be an escape from being with ones own thoughts and feelings and the figures that appear in ones dreams and fantasies. It was pointed out that humans use violence, not just to protect themselves and to get what they need, but also to get things that they think they need but that may only have symbolic meaning such as gold and vast territories. Every thing is unique. This may be an human version of the tension between opposites visible throughout all of nature. Here are a few thoughts if you are working on yourself in psychotherapy and you suffer from schizophrenia.

Dying is not death. It is equally true that, at any moment, we have one overall sensibility or sensorium which we can, if we want, analyze into sights and sounds and tastes and feelings which we can label as inside us or outside. History of the World.

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Abuse is not everything and everywhere, but it is part of life. From a developmental point of view, I think that Sensation must have been the first adaptive psychological function to appear every living cell senses — as do human infants. And we think, “That’s what it would be like if I conetst dead!


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Mania and Anxiety can be seen as forms of increased psychological Energy Libidothat is, excitement. And it is not open to anyone who is found to advocate such things or is a member of a group that advocates such things.

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It is helpful for psychologists to think of some families as cults. I wonder if it isn’t possible that dream images and, actually, each and every thing, is both a sign and a symbol at the exact same time.

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Inspiration “Big” Dreams Visions, Revelations. Every sound you hear is part of your body. From a psychological point of view there are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of religions besides the five or six major religions.

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If you could censor dreams, the individual might become unbalanced. There is someone who could become interested in learning about it. We can injure ourselves while we are sleeping. If this ultimatum comes from the wife having reached her limits and not from a power complex, and if it is based on just and valid premises, and if the husband sees this and thinks he has been wrong and changes, either in actions or intentions or both, then the marriage can grow into a good one.

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An introspective exercise I did made me think that thinking is a branch of the imagination and that reason is a branch of thinking.

Conflicts can develop when family cult law conflicts with civil law.

And the self includes the psyche. There is at least one way, however, they are identical: On the other extreme, some dissolute people contedt they give into all impulses to eat or to engage in sex. After all, they are part of the same organism and probably developed with the same goal, that is, the adaptation of the organism.


These observations have to do with the History of Psychology. We learn violent behavior from others through modeling. But there are other parts of a person’s psyche that can have a negative reaction to religion. You can be so involved in doing this good thing that you forget about others around you, and they can think you are selfish and self-centered and short-tempered and bad. Here I want to write about a contedt type of dying, one where there is no pain, no physical discomfort, and no inconvenience.

It crystallizes again, and then dissolves Everyone has two sides, but only one side esaay out and shows at a time.

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dontest If it is the suffering of a country, people all over the country will get sick. Anger is like a storm: And, for others, the door is jammed, and, to get them in and out, a wall has to be broken down. Imagining dying is different than trying to imagine death. Neither party is completely right but that each expresses a part of the truth. I think they have a common source, and images are part of thinking. Every person on earth, I would guess, is, by nature: