Company of buildings with integrated IT system to improve comfort and energy efficiency 2. It allows users to store and manage their eBook purcahses in the cloud and synchronise between devices. They also provide an insight into some of the problems mentioned in the case study booklet, such as the wide variety of file formats that are available, the specification differences between devices, and the vastly different capabilities of each. It is expected that some of the hours allocated to the HL extension should be used for research into the case study and related scenarios. To what extent can smart technology truly benefit these members of the public?

Such as playing music or turning the light on in a room. Smart Homes – It consists of 4 questions on a pre-screen case study. It is also advisable that an ITGS class have access to a social bookmarking group on Diigo and also agree on a set of tags. Your e-mail address will not be published. Information may be collected through a range of activities: Examine the case study and past paper 3 exam questions:

Case Study Paper 3, It is not necessary to join ITGSopedia wiki because it is an information source and not a collaborative space.

Privacy and user tracking Ability to make annotations and additions Ownership rights Ability to lend e-books Potential for censorship The use of DRM Few of these issues are covered in much detail ittgs other media, so this page really is essential reading.

Develops smart home estates 3. The Case Study – HL only. Discuss whether these are reasonable concerns for the customers to have.


App — Software application used for a specific purpose. This site uses cookies. When the school year begins, ITGS teachers may wish to set up a wiki for their own class to collect and analyze their findings.


To what extent can smart technology truly benefit these members of the public? Technology for the sake of technology.

It also features a nice table that shows which enhanced features are supported in each e-book file format – this itself could lead to a useful discussion about file formats and compatability.

Although it covers many different types of media e.

itgs case study 2014 questions

Each smart device used in their smart home networks can be used individually. Company of buildings with integrated IT system to improve comfort and energy efficiency 2.

ITGS Case Study 2014: Cobb Publishing and E-Books

These questions are designed to qyestions students with the Cobb Publishing case study, to ensure they fully understand the key parts and vocabulary, and to link it to their prior learning.

Students are required to answer all of the questions. What’s next for loyalty program’s? The Lempert Report – Oct The device can be used in several ways scheduled, programmed, advanced and when reacting to other devices. Question 4 will require the synthesis of information from a range of sources, including the citing of independent research and investigations, to develop an extended response to a specified issue. Notify me of new comments via email. When information is found it is good if the same set of tags are used by all students in the class.


itgs case study 2014 questions

This web page will be built up with a variety of articles and other primary and secondary resources to help ITGS teachers teach this case study. The Case Study booklet explains how Cobb Publishing may want to develop e-books with interactive features in the future.

Being Amazon-owned, e-books are targetted at the Kindle range of readers. It is owned by an individual or company and usually comes with a set of rules and restrictions to follow.

Case Study is now available. These materials remain here for reference only.

Case Study

Term 1 Gr12 Lesson Plans: They also publish Enhanced e-books and Children’s eBooks with additional animation and interactive features – something Cobb Publishing is considering in the future. Visit an Art Gallery! All command terms can be used in this paper.

Email required Address never made public.

itgs case study 2014 questions

A few e-book publishers already produce iggs e-books and it is very productive to browse through their sites and check out the functionality their products offer: The questions are related to the scenario in the case study. Through their investigation of the case study, students should be able to: Application to specific scenarios.