Click here to listen to the interview, or read the full transcript below. We talked about the way he prepares for a role, making The Iceman, the balance between Hollywood-izing the subject matter versus also telling the real story, whether he still has to audition, and so much more. So, y’know, go do a subscribe! Fearless Vampire Killers laid out their plans to take on Facebook sort of in June, with the news that they’d be launching their own social network called The Obsidian Bond. A video posted by rocksound rocksound on Jun 6, at 5:

And that’s not all that’s happening this December. We’ve got the full thing now, but good LORD this was exciting at the time. Where and when did the idea for this originally come about? It’s like the ultimate catalogue for any discerning fan. We shot it down in Africa. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. I think Nichols and I are heating up our fourth collaboration to happen in the winter, I believe.

More on this story Speaking of Download Festival, let’s take a moment to look at the other weekend highlights, shall we? After 12 years, five albums and a whole lot of basement shows, Michigan punk rockers The Swellers called it a day in Thedis. For our full review of and to relive it in the words of all of your favourite bands, grab yourself a copy of RS today.


What do you get?

iceman thesis youtube

The fact of the matter is the movie is 90 minutes long, or even less than, and youtue man lived for several decades so the math is against you.

Billed to kick off two stages at once was an unknown entity called Iceman Thesis. It’s been an amazing run. The first cut landed in June, youtjbe in three-minutes-and-twenty seconds, ‘Tread Lightly’ showed the world that Four Year Strong are back in the riff business, and business is booming.

This Is Mena- uh, Iceman Thesis Hit Download Festival

Alexisonfire Are Teasing Something. How are you in terms of preparing for roles? They came, they played literally a songthen they thesiss again. So, y’know, go do a subscribe!

You have no idea, dude. That seems to be the move at some point, just go to Montana and get away from everybody.

We had We Came As Romans riding around like ponies We had our first band practice twelve years ago today. Booking some farewell shows soon. And that’s not all that’s happening this December. A video tesis by rocksound rocksound on Jun 6, at 5: Download Festival brought all the surprises but not King Then our guitarist Barrone got involved. Because it looks badass.

Michael Shannon Talks THE ICEMAN, MAN OF STEEL, GROUNDHOG DAY, and More | Collider

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June 2014 Laid Bare: Download Festival, King 810, PVRIS And Everything Else That Mattered

What was the point of all that? He reminds me of Jeff Nichols, who is my favorite dude. They then posted their arrest papers across their social networks, which made the whole thing stink to high heaven.

The name – The Obsidian Bond. What if nobody goes? This is what I want people to ponder or regard.

iceman thesis youtube

I think Jake is super smart. It’s like the ultimate catalogue for any discerning fan. As well as the social network side we’ve spent the last three months filming loads of exclusive content for it. The drama is based on the book by Anthony Bruno that chronicles the life of Richard Kuklinski played by Michael Shannona professional hitman who kept his work secret from his thwsis.