You can download the lesson here. Today I am posting 7 more videos which provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of Big Data in retail. Posted April 30, It also discusses the thorny area of data sharing and data aggregation. Anyone has any links? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hidden connections — Data analysis in brain and supermarket A brief video focused specifically on supermarkets which explains some of the ways Big Data can be used — for example, to determine which products to place near each other on the shelves. For our mock, we got questions written by the teachers, and the 12 mark one was about an implementation strategy for the new system. An Investigation into Big Data. Supermarket giant Tesco pioneers big data is an excellent article that clearly explains step by step how British supermarket chain Tesco uses big data. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue.

Another privacy related concern is that of price discrimination also called ‘differential pricing’. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. This infographic explains some of the challenges of achieving these goals.

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It contains a lot of excellent information stuvy the types of data that can be collected as part of a Big Data system, and the ways that data can be used. The article Creepy but legal phone-tracking company gets wrist slap for empty privacy promise describes how retailers can track customers through their stores by collecting their phone MAC addresses using WiFi routers.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This first infographic gives an overview of the topic, covering some key concepts and explaining the sheer size of Big Data — much bigger than any traditional database.


This video includes a lot good, brief examples of the use of Big Data not always linked to retailincluding the famous example of Target knowing a girl was pregnant before her father did. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. For our mock, we got questions written by the teachers, and the 12 mark one was about an implementation strategy for the new system. The site also has links to some very interesting courses on Big Data, which are free to take online a good link to the Education strand of ITGS too.

By clearly understanding the existing technology students should be able to better understand the problems and the goals of Asociacion de Supermercados Independientes ASI. There are great examples in here that clearly relate to several ITGS social and ethical issues.

We could possibly discuss the case study here. You can download the lesson here. As a quick reminder of some of the key concepts, here are five infographics that cover some of the key ideas and issues related to Big Data.

It gives excellent examples of how specific pieces of information can be gathered, clustered, and analysed. Walmart reportedly adds 1 million records each hour to its database, which tops 2. It helps check students’ understanding of key vocabulary and concepts, identify unknown words, and to link the case study to some of their prior learning.

Today I am posting 7 more videos which provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of Big Data in retail. This video from Oracle — who produce Big Data solutions — examines the process and benefits of Big Data analysis using a detailed case study of an online video store.

Reading about the schemes, their benefits, and how the supermarkets use the collected data provides an interesting insight into the case study.

As students should know, Big Data consists of far, far more than ih data collected at supermarket checkouts.


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Specific examples of the risks of Big Data seem to be fairly thin on the ground. What is Big Data? Although the case study tends to discuss “bricks and mortar” supermarkets, atudy is reasonable to believe that online components could be included, and that some supermarkets in ASI may have or want to develop online shopping sites. How are you all preparing for ktgs 3? From data sources and data volume to data personalisation, these infographics should be a brief refresher activity for students who have properly studied the case study.

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You might also enjoy reading: With lots of specific examples and clear technical detail, this article is an essential ready for teachers and students studing the case study. Definitely worth a watch, as it covers a lot of the key terminology in the case study document.

ib itgs case study 2015

The questions will require ibb to re-read key parts of the case study booklet, which is really important to build a more thorough understanding of the case study’s nuances. This article discusses ways to track in-store customers even if they do not sign up for loyalty card or reward card schemes. If you know of any more good videos, please do add a comment below. Please leave a comment below.

A good article for the case study, tsudy such data can be collected and analysed as part of a Big Data system.

The aim of this lesson is to understand a little bit more about Big Data in general, with students research the relevant technologies and processes itge a variety of industries.