There are several ways to add unit operations. Depending on the information specified, the Pump calculates either an unknown pressure, temperature or pump efficiency. The Workbook is designed for this purpose and extends the concept to the entire simulation. Click the Variables tab, then select the Units page. Defining the Simulation Basis 1. Name this reactor Oxidation Reactor and attach Methane and Air as feeds.

On the Connections tab, add a Compressor and enter the following information as shown in Figure You will find, especially in that it is far too easy too let one or two people in the group do all the simulation work. You will be glad if everyone in your group got good practice simulating reactors, columns, and heat exchangers as well as all the other ops you will use back in On this page I will introduce you to the various tools and tricks that exist to In this chapter, you are able to preview the result using Workbook. Choose Global Rxn Set as Reaction set and close the window. Complete the view as shown below:

What are the flowrates and compositions of these two streams? There is no phase change in the Reactor under isothermal conditions since the flow of hysyw vapor product stream CSTR Vent is zero. The propylene oxide and water feed streams are combined in a mixer. Thus, the stabilized crude contained traces of light components which gave rise to lower RVP conducive for safe storage at atmospheric condition.

hysys 8.4 case study

The final task is to make the set available to the Fluid Package, which also makes it available in the flowsheet. Name the utility as Packing. While you may choose any number of independent and dependent variables for the Case Study, HYSYS will only plot a maximum of three variables at a time. Develop a model that represents the water gas shift reaction. This implied that increase in the molar flowrate would require more heat to flash off the volatile components.


Tools and Tricks

Click the Clone button. However, many chemical processes take place at very high pressure.

hysys 8.4 case study

Sequential quadratic programming was the optimizer algorithm employed due to its ability in handling linear and non-linear linear algebraic functions as well as equality and inequality functions of constraint and unconstraint optimization problems. The pressure drop across the reactor is 70 kPa. Figure Saving Your Simulation Before proceeding any further, save your file in an appropriate location.

From the list of fluid packages, select the desired thermodynamic cade. You can choose any process variable to add to the list see cawe Case Study Example to see one of the few exceptions I have found.

hysys simulation case study

Sfudy Center Find new research papers in: Now, let us pretend that this flowsheet represents not an entire process, but merely a section of the plant we wish to model.

It is within this window that the user specifies the composition of the stream.

Contact your regional Training The objective of this column is to produce a bottom product that has a ratio of ethane to propane of 0. On the Exported Connections Page, you have a number of options for the default values connected with the template when you import it as a sub-flowsheet. Object Palette On the right hand side of Figureyou will notice a vertical toolbar. There are several ways to add unit operations. Natural gas sweetening process simulation and optimization It’s a good way of assembling information from all over the stjdy into one, easy to view, place.


Click on the Worksheet tab to view the results as shown in Figure For example, select Peng-Robinson property package for your simulation.

A material stream can be added to the flowsheet in one of three ways: Process Involving Recycle, Example 4: In the Variables page, click Add…, and Figure will be shown. Now, open worksheet, and type in all the known conditions for the streams. These specifications can result in columns which cannot be converged or that produce product streams with undesirable properties if the column feed conditions change.

hysys simulation case study

The results of the base and optimized cases were compared and analyzed. Go to the Specs page on the Design tab of the Column property view. It is within this window that the user specifies the temperature of the stream.

Click on the Select TS… button.

hysys 8.4 case study