If there is any question that your proposed research might need WMU-IRB approval, you should check with your thesis chair, the honors college dean or associate dean who reviewed your proposal, or directly contact the WMU-IRB before you proceed with your work. If your committee anticipates that more than one hour will be needed for your defense, please make certain that your room is available or make plans to continue your closed-door defense in another location. The completed honors thesis should reflect the expertise you have gained through completion of the thesis project. No, you may complete a thesis in any area of interest to you, as long as the thesis meets the scholarly standards of that field of study. To sign up for HNRS , you and your thesis chair should complete and submit the registration form.

This depends entirely on you and your committee. Use your initial committee meeting to get feedback about your topic, and to put together a preliminary timeline for your work. Students in some curricula, such as engineering, psychology, and fine arts, may substitute an approved capstone course from the curriculum for this requirement. Once you’ve carefully read through the thesis handbook, bookmark this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during the thesis process! The committee could include faculty from the same or another department or college at WMU, faculty from another institution, graduate students, WMU staff, or members of the broader community.

Questions regarding which courses tgesis approved should be directed to your honors college advisor. If yes, please contact the Research Compliance Office at Please also note that if granted, the extension period will typically be for 30 days only.

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This course counts toward the Experiential portion of your honors credit hour requirement. You should aim at finding a topic that really appeals to you; your preliminary reading and conversations may suggest some areas that are prime for additional research. Recommendation for amendment usually occurs for one of three reasons: Students typically find that completion of an honors thesis is viewed quite favorably by professional and graduate school admission committees, as well as by prospective employers.


It is highly recommended that you select at least two committee members in addition to your thesis chair. For most students, getting started is the hardest part of doing an honors thesis! Your thesis declaration form will be either approved or recommended for amendment by the honors college dean or associate dean; this decision will be communicated to you and your thesis chair via WMU email.

You should do your best to meet deadlines that you and your chair set for your project. You should plan to meet with your thesis chair often.

There are many ways to find a thesis chair. Honors Thesis prior to graduation. Procrastination is not considered an extenuating circumstance.

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See the steps above and concentrate on completing them one at a homors, rather than allowing yourself to get bogged down worrying about all the steps at once. For detailed instructions thseis the submission of your final thesis project, please read carefully the instruction sheet included in your defense packet. How and Why to Write an Undergraduate Thesis no later than the first semester of the junior year. We recommend that you defend your thesis at least one semester before you intend to graduate to ensure your honors thesis does not get buried or end up unfinished in the flurry of activities and requirements that are part of your final semester.

If you write a thesis that needs WMU-IRB approval, and you have not received it before you begin your research, the study is invalid and the thesis must wm destroyed.

honors thesis wmu

In order to be registered for HNRSyou must complete and submit a signed HNRS registration form at least one month prior to the semester in which you wish to enroll in the course. Honors students must enroll in and complete HNRS For example, a traditional research paper, a public performance, a work of art, a design project, a business plan or educational curriculum may be completed for the honors thesis.


Select a thesis topic during the junior year It is never too early to begin thinking about a thesis topic! Please thesos Jennifer Townsend with any questions or supplemental forms or documents.

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View it as a chance to show off your knowledge, discuss what you might have done differently in retrospect and what you would do if you were to continue this project, for example, as a graduate student. Submit your thesis defense thesjs request form at least one month before thesis defense Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form.

Students are urged to use caution if they are approached by publishers offering to publish their theses. Please note that HNRS must be completed the semester you plan to defend your thesis. Human Subjects Application —Instructions and application materials for research involving human subjects. You should make sure that your whole honorz has a final version of your written thesis at least one week preferably two before your defense so that they have plenty of time to review it.

honors thesis wmu

You should be able to articulate what interests you about this area of scholarship and hknors you would like to pursue an honors thesis related to it. Choose your thesis committee in your junior year In addition to the honors thesis chair, you must select at least one other expert to serve on your committee.

Your thesis title and committee chair will also be listed on your official university transcript. The defense request form will be used by the honors college staff to record your thesis title for graduation, to advertise your thesis defense and to generate a packet of materials for your thesis committee. This experience should help you to get into professional or graduate school, find a job and excel in thesls chosen profession.