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Beyond empirically determined accuracy and precision, one must also consider the cost of administering a risk assessment scale, both in time and money. Criminal responsibility after Bill C Excellent narrative reviews exist in all these areas, surveying and summarizing the research literature. Should one give each item equal weight? Log In Sign Up. Such studies would be helpful in understanding the properties of the items. Past supervision failure Sexual offenses

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Beyond empirically determined accuracy and precision, one must also consider the cost of administering a risk assessment scale, both in time and money. Reviewing their manuals alone will help one prepare for cross-examination on risk assessment, and the items selected have a basis in the empirical literature, although a few such as major mental illness are controversial.

Past non-sexual violent offenses Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology The Validity of Violence Risk Estimates: Until recently, these clinical risk assessment reports have been divorced from the statistical, actuarial literature on risk bibliogeaphy.

Extreme minimization or denial of sex offenses They are intermediate level instruments, having con- current and predictive validity studies, but little item analysis. Now, I see such a list far more frequently, along with a clear articulation of the evaluator’s reasoning in considering and weighing each criterion. Meta-analyses have been conducted as well, empirically surveying some areas.


The Assessment of Dangerousness and Risk.

hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography

Should one give each item equal weight? Automated Risk Assessment for School Violence: The prediction of criminal and violent recidivism among mentally disordered offenders: However, the validity study for one current actuarial risk assessment scale, the VRAG, found in fact a negative relationship between major mental illness and future violence Quinsey et al.

Of course, if a plethysmograph were essential to assessing sex offender risk, if its elimination from an assessment battery led to poor predictions, and if there were no alternative methods of obtaining information about deviant sexual interest, then the time and money to include it in a standard battery might be defensible.

hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography

Research Towards Decision Guidelines. The SVR has its items divided into three areas: Witt Instruments exist, with varying levels of empirical support, for assessing risk of delinquent behavior, violence, sexual aggression, and spousal assault.

Worse jcr, what if our research and academic friends are right?

Violence, mental disorder and risk assessment: Fortunately, during the past decade, we have bibliographt progress. The manual itself is helpful to read in preparing for cross-examination.

Annotated Bibliography – Dr. Kevin S. Douglas, LL.B., Ph.D.

The HCR and the SVR, the focus of this review, are in the second wave of risk assessment instruments, those with an empirical basis to item selection and with some degree of validation. The HCR in personality revied female offenders: References Publications referenced by this paper.


Lacks realistic plans Even today, annotahed a few risk assessment instruments are truly actuarial. Witt is a principal in Associates in Psychological Services, P. By actuarial, here I mean not only that the items, or criteria, were selected based on their empirical support in the literature, but also that the scale itself has predictive validity studies, having been empirically linked to recidivism.

(PDF) A practitioner’s view of risk assessment: the HCR and SVR | Philip Witt –

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Early risk assessment instruments, frequently circulated informally among spe- cialists, were little more than lists of items the author decided were linked to increased risk; many, if not most, of the items had no empirical hvr.

Click here to sign up. Our risk assessments are used in matters spanning the criminal justice system: Both instruments will allow the practitioner to organize and communicate his or her thoughts clearly, perhaps the HCR given its conceptually clearer divisions more so than the SVR

hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography