A meta-analysis of sexual offender recidivism studies. Those items associated with changes in recidivism were then subjected to a stepwise multiple regression to eliminate item redundancy Epperson, et al. Fortunately, during the past decade, we have made progress. Uses weapons or threats of death in sex offenses Second, some of the PCL-R criteria assessing antisocial lifestyle factor 2 are similar to HCR items, such as prior supervision failure, employment problems, relationship instability, early maladjustment, and plans that lack feasi- bility.

The SVR psychosocial adjustment section appears overly dense with general criminality items, the weaker of the two above factors in predicting sex offenses. Physical harm to victim s in sex offenses By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy , Terms of Service , and Dataset License. Even today, only a few risk assessment instruments are truly actuarial. In part, this is a “compared to what” issue. Citations Publications citing this paper. Implications for practice and the education of psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Reviewing their manuals alone will help one prepare for cross-examination on risk assessment, and the items selected have a basis in the empirical literature, although a few such as major mental illness are controversial. Conceptually, the division of items into past historicalpresent clinicaland future risk management is easy to grasp.

(PDF) A practitioner’s view of risk assessment: the HCR and SVR | Philip Witt –

All scales start with some rational process of criterion selection based upon a review of the empirical literature. Improving the clinical practice of violence risk assessment: Uses weapons or threats of death in sex offenses Authorities still write articles urging the seemingly impossible: Past violent offenses Consequently, the HCR is double counting these items.


New Jersey’s sex offender risk assessment scale: Finally, the scale can be deconstructed into its component items and factors, and each component examined for its ability to predict recidivism.

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Behavioral Sciences and the Law Behav. Figures, Tables, and Topics from this paper.

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Those of us who base our risk assessments on the empirical literature now sleep better. In the weeks preceding discharge, structured assessments of the future risk of violent behaviour were completed using the HCR Past supervision failure Sexual offenses anontated Sex offender risk assessment and the law.

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

The Contribution of Age-at-release. Until recently, these clinical risk assessment reports have been divorced from the statistical, actuarial literature on risk assessment.

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Delbello Psychiatric Quarterly Factors predicting acquittal and lengths of confinement in British Columbia. One of the better-researched sexual violence risk scales, the SORAG, requires a penile plethys- mograph evaluation of sexual arousal. Attitudes that support or condone sex offenses Future plans Beyond empirically determined accuracy and precision, one must also consider the cost of administering a risk assessment scale, both in time and money. Of course, if a plethysmograph were essential to assessing sex offender risk, if its elimination from jcr assessment battery led to poor predictions, and annotatwd there were no alternative methods of obtaining information about deviant sexual interest, then the time and money to include it in a standard battery might be defensible.


HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme: Overview and Annotated Bibliography

This emerging conceptual and empirical clarity annotatec guided some practi- tioners’ risk assessments and has made our predictions more defensible. Fifty patients were recruited from a forensic hospital and 29 from a general psychiatric hospital.

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

The SVR may be particularly lacking in its ability to predict child molestation recidivism, given that some studies have shown child molesters to be more sexually deviant than are rapists, and rapists to be more like non-sexual criminals than are child molesters Ferguson, et al.

Also, it is unclear bubliography rules one can use to combine the items to arrive at an assessment of risk. By Corine de Ruiter and Daan van Beek. Because the authors hcf the empirical support for each item, the manual serves as a structured review of the risk assessment literature, helpful when asked, “Doctor, how do you know that such-and-such is associated with violence?

The literature indicates that two hcrr factors predict sex offenses: Some of the items used are far from agreed upon in the literature. Journal of Psychiatry and Law Automated Risk Assessment for School Violence: Negative attitude towards intervention.