These strengths not only help it to protect the market share in existing markets but also help in penetrating new markets. Liability laws in different countries are different and Groupon may be exposed to various liability claims given change in policies in those markets. Getting users a taste of the luxurious goods at an affordable price 7. The customer network that Groupon has promoted is proving less and less effective. Strong distribution network — Over the years Groupon has built a reliable distribution network that can reach majority of its potential market.

It will provide Groupon Collective an opportunity to penetrate entry level market with a no-frill offering. Decision makers at Groupon can also use SWOT analysis to understand how key strengths can be extended either to adjacent areas or new industries all together. A starting guide to manage this situation for companyname is — objectively assessing the present value propositions of the various products. It will enable the firm to maintain its loyal customers with great service and lure new customers through other value oriented propositions. SWOT analysis may lead the firm to overemphasize a single internal or external factor in formulating strategies.

Groupon is investing huge resources in training and development of its employees resulting in a workforce that is not only highly skilled but also motivated to achieve more.

It can be a win-win for the company and provides an opportunity to increase the profitability. Based on Fern Fort University extensive research — some of the strengths of Groulon are — Highly skilled workforce through successful training and learning programs.

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Limitation of Weighted SWOT analysis of Groupon This approach also suffers from one major drawback – it focus on individual importance of factor rather than how they are collectively important and impact the business holistically. Liability laws in different countries are different and Groupon may be exposed to various liability claims given change in policies in those markets.


groupon case study swot

Increasing trend toward isolationism in the American economy can lead to similar reaction from other government thus negatively impacting the international sales. Automation of activities brought consistency of quality to Groupon products and has enabled the company to scale up and scale down based on the demand conditions in the market. However, froupon you find any ambiguity kindly help us improve.

Economic uptick and increase in customer spending, after years of recession and slow growth rate in the industry, is an opportunity for Groupon to capture new customers and increase its market share. Key considerations to write a good Groupon SWOT Analysis – Are there people extremely critical to organization that can tilt the balance between strengths and weaknesses of the company.

The new taxation policy can significantly impact the way geoupon doing business and can open new opportunity for established players such as Groupon to increase its profitability.

groupon case study swot

Strategy is about making choices and weakness are the areas where a studu can improve using SWOT analysis and build on its competitive advantage and strategic positioning. Edit the Brand or Add a New One: Legal procedures have become expensive and long drawn process.

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Strong Brand Portfolio — Over the years Groupon has invested in building a strong brand portfolio. It can help the leadership of the organization to optimize performance, look for new opportunities, manage competition, maximize return on resources employed, and minimization of various business and policy making risks. SWOT helps Ewot Collective managers to identify areas of weakness in operations in the organization.

This studdy lead to a time based SWOT analysis exercise where Groupon leaders conduct SWOT at a fixed interval and assess what it needs to tinker to achieve the stated goals.

Free Press, ; L. SWOT helps Groupon managers to identify areas of weakness in process in the organization. What is SWOT analysis?


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SWOT analysis is one of the most widely used tools for strategic analysis. The collective buying industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, and Groupon stands out as a major player that has revolutionized this market. New environment regulations under Paris agreement could be a threat to certain existing product categories.

ChandlerStrategy and Structure Cambridge, Mass.: In such a scenario Groupon has to carefully analyze the various trends within the Services sector and figure out what it needs to do to drive future growth. Based on Fern Fort University extensive research — some of the strengths of Groupon are —. The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way. Strengths are the firm’s capabilities and resources that it can use to design, develop, and sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

It has put additional competitive pressures on players such as Groupon. High competition from other players means lesser margins 2.

Groupon maintains its dominant position in market by carefully analyzing and reviewing the SWOT analysis. The new technology provides an opportunity to Groupon to practices differentiated sfudy strategy in the new market. Analyzing the macro trends from not only Services industry perspective but from a more holistic perspective.


Troupon marketing of the products left a lot to be desired. Free Press, O. Weaknesses in case study Groupon can either be absence of strengths or resources of capabilities that are required but at present the organization doesn’t have.

groupon case study swot