Check the websites of the participating faculties for details of research activities, and the offers for open PhD positions of the GCB and the University of Bern. Please, send your application, including a letter of motivation, complete CV and records before February 28th to Prof. Thesis Defense and Final Assessment. The members of the Expert Committee decide no later than one week before the specified date of the thesis defense upon acceptance of the thesis and admission to the thesis defense. Application at the University of Bern Online Application.

The PhD program usually lasts three years and offers structured post-graduate training in experimental research. The outstanding candidate will be integrated in a research group in biomechanics combining experimental and computational methods to test original scientific hypotheses and develop new diagnostic methods or medical devices. Go to the top of this page. Keynotes and workshops for PhDs and Postdocs researching soil, plant and gut microbiomes and their links to host and environmental health. The talk includes an introduction which reviews developments in the field and puts these into the context of the candidate’s own work. Confirmation of Supervision, University of Bern Confirmation of supervision:

gcb bern thesis

Corporate members of the ESB: Sara Checa Meetings Committee: Links Welcome Center, University of Bern. The research project gcn carried out in a laboratory affiliated to one of the participating Faculties or at a research institution recognized by the GCB. The GCB application date is taken as reference date for the submission of progress reports; i. Official UZH proof of registration, including matriculation thesls, issued by the University of Zurich.


Please note that either electronic or scanned signature is necessary.

PhD Program

The examiners agree immediately on the assessment of the thesis defense and communicate it to the candidate. Supervision Each student is supervised by a thesis committee consisting of a supervisor, a co-advisor and a mentor. If you have made changes to the text after your PhD Degree Application: To document in-depth knowledge of the research field and to discuss progress in the candidate’s own project, a min talk has to be given within the time-frame of 18 to max.

Thesis defenses are announced one week ahead of the defense date. If you come in person, please arrange a personal appointment in advance. Additionally, the GCB provides the mentor with a hard copy of the PhD Degree Form, the submitted thesis, and with appropriate instructions concerning the format of the thesis defense.

A solid background in mathematics and image processing is essential, practice in statistical shape modeling, broad programming skills are necessary and project related experience in biomechanics is advantageous. PhD candidates must register at the same faculty to which their supervisor is affiliated. Enrollment at the University Step 2: Subsequently to the public debate, a thorough discussion will be held between the candidate and the thesis committee only according to the points listed on the Mid-term Evaluation form.

Monica Schaller and Cc to info gcb. Thesis Defense and Final Assessment The thesis defense is public and consists of your presentation of min, followed by a discussion of min. As a rule, the talk is given in the presence of the thesis committee and chaired by the mentor.


gcb bern thesis

In addition to the research work, the training program requires a minimal number of 6. It lies in the students’ responsibility to organize these meetings.

The talk should also include an outline on the concept of the research and what will be done next. The documents must be merged into a single PDF file and sent by beern to info gcb. Candidates should download the protocol form Mid-term Evaluation PDF, KBfill in all parts already known, and present it to the examiners on the thesid of the examination.

Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) – University of Bern

Within the time frame of 18 to max. You may attend the Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty with which you were affiliated during your PhD. Perren Research Award Prof. Applications to the GCB must be submitted within four months after the start of the research project.

Copies of translations of all documents 6 and 7, if they are issued in a language other than German, English, French, or Gccb. Grant and Manuscript writing Horizon career grants for early-career researcher N. Jerome Noailly Publication Committee: The co-advisor must not be from the bren institute as the supervisor, but should be an expert in the research area of the thesis project. Tesis student is supervised by a thesis committee consisting of a supervisor, a co-advisor and a mentor.