Saying “Ano’ng happening” What are your plans for tonight would make you associated with the s. Swardspeak as a language regards hierarchies as a means to exploit gender. Only available on StudyMode Topic: The birth of a common language among gays clearly and explicitly defies the culture that the Philippines has had. Just like any slang, Filipino gay lingo started out with replacing certain words with another term.

It destroys the clout of power being brandished to minorities, oppressing those who would speak truth, and gagging the Filipinos preventing them to communicate efficiently and freely. Help Center Find new research papers in: Ace Sanchez — atop sa balay Aglipay — ugly Pinay jowang pokpok na chaka ng mayaman na foreigner. By Chelton Candle Rey Sangga. This creates an exclusive group among its speakers and helps them resist cultural assimilation. How many of these popular Pinoy expressions are you guilty of saying?

gay lingo thesis filipino

A sociolinguistic approach to problems of language and interaction target the aspects of social problems that give people a common basis to understanding and communicating with each other Chambers, ; Fasold, Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Instead, the researchers hypothesized that some gay men may simply subconsciously adopt certain female speech patterns.

gay lingo thesis filipino

Language remains the most important aspect of intercultural and transcultural communication. This language define the Philippine gay culture, and it would probably stay that way for quite a while.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. What are the morphological characteristics of discourses among male homosexuals in terms of: The diversity and richness of the assemblage of terms that are collected and used to create the pool of swardspeak is as diverse as the langue naturelle of Filipinos.


By Simone C Bacchini. By Chelton Candle Rey Sangga.

Although arguably, users of gayspeak do not have terms for ditse, sanse, diko, sangko, and bunso. This is not an accurate assumption. The study will aim to determine the queer language being employed to discover among male homosexuals. That language is what we called gay lingo but filippino s, it is Swardspeak. The use of swardspeak has become prevalent even among women; those who are referred to as babaeng bakla Garcia, Philippine Gay Culture;also known as fag hag, as early as four decades ago.

For the society as a whole, this study may serve in a way to understand and accept the speech of queer community in hope for a wider knowledge and appreciation established the male homosexuals. Names, brand names, words and phrases are all given new meanings in swardspeak Most gay slang, gay lingo, gay speak or gay languages arose as a form of anti-languages. It had tried to break away from linvo dualistic perspective of life — heaven and hell, black and white, man and woman.

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The most interesting of all tagalogs – Salitang Beki aka gay lingo, swardspeak, salitang bading, salitang bakla, bekimon Instagram: In this case, men, because of the patriarchal society, have always had the upper hand.

I think it’s fun and very Filipino. Aside from these, the Filipino gay individual has taken steps to celebrate his coming out by recreating himself or his works in the virtual world.


The related terms lavender lkngo and simply gay and lesbian language also refer to the language used by LGBTQ speakers. Just like any slang, Filipino gay lingo started out with replacing certain words with another term. What are the sociolinguistic characteristics of the participants of the study? Thesis sa gay lingo – planning-group. Gay Speak Morphological Characteristics.

gay lingo thesis filipino

Bakla, baklush, badette can be used interchangeably between the two sexes, particularly for female acquaintances. Filipino gay lingo started out with replacing certain words with another. In creating the common tongue among Filipino gay men, the biggest consideration is for the message to be concealed.

There is no secret gay code language —this is what Kulick is trying to explain in this quote. Thus, diction is affected by either the profession, orientation, principles, or even environment of the Filipino gay individual.

gay lingo thesis filipino

The mere avoidance of such constructions may lead to marginalization. The conclusion of the study is based only from the answers given by the respondents of the research only for the accuracy linvo objectivity of the study as a whole.

gay lingo thesis filipino

Retrieved 24 December Swardspeak, on that regard is also an underground movement.