Choose one task to do. Besides the nutrients present in the salad, the presentation of my egg salad also looks outstanding. I have also discussed the importance of eggs for the different group of people. I believe that my simple chocolate cake was a success and I am able to produce a quite well-done cake. I have tried my best to keep the sink and working bench clean and be hygienic at all time.

Check my task analysis and edit it. Past year papers 2. Carbohydrate Reasons that cereals are an important source of energy for people of all ages: Overall, I am quite satisfied with my coursework as I have finished them on time and my dishes turned out fine. So I assume that this dish on the whole should be served to pregnant women because they are pregnant and also supporting another life inside them. Meanwhile, I have taken the time to boil the quail eggs, and afterwards, towards the end few minutes before the cake is finally ready, I have also spent the time cutting the strawberries. From time to time, I will refer to my task to securely ensure that the dishes selected will be prepared in different ways.

Leavening — is able to produce stable foam that has tiny gas bubbles. Some people like Egg Salad made by stirring together chopped hard-boiled eggs with a dressing and other ingredients like shredded chicken and lettuce. The ideas presented above give me many ideas of how I can further makingg this coursework in the sense of what I can do for different egg dishes.


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How can eggs provide sufficient nutrients for these people? What kind of eggs will I use? Luckily, during the preparation, I have waited for the custard to simmer down before over turning it to a nice circle shape.

f&n coursework decision making

Serve as is or in sandwiches. Wash up used utensils.


When I was buying the smoked salmon, I had difficulty finding the fresh ones. Eggs are used as a coating for fried food, either on their own, or combined with flour or breadcrumbs. Preheat oven to oC.

f&n coursework decision making

In the egg salad, I had in mind the group of teenagers to consume the makinng salad. I will ensure that I elaborate on my key factors and show an understanding in the task requirements, not forgetting to look into different resources to find different recipes of dishes made with eggs.

I have managed my time very carefully. Secondary three Notes These resources have aided in completing my coursework.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

These mineral and vitamins present in my custard plays an important role in the manufacturing of new cells and genetic materials.

Link definitions of keyword back to the task 3. I have sprinkled pepper as a garnish and the lettuce were freshly crispy. It also have made me managed my time well. You are commenting using your Facebook account. To further develop on my research, I will keep asking myself questions relating to the task to keep reminding me about its important relevant details.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with my coursework as I have finished them on time and my dishes turned out fine.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

Like teenagers, HBV proteins in eggs are necessary to fuel the growth of children. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Physical activities, Maintain body temperature, Metabolic reactions, Basal metabolism for bodily processes such as breathing, heartbeat, Growth Investigate effect of heat on cereals Effect of heat on cereals.

I can even consider making custard or boiling an egg to garnish my dishes for example in salad. Eggs that I can make use of in my Practical Exam Chicken eggs — A food commodity that is easily available in the supermarket.

f&n coursework decision making

Variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, local cakes Particular group of people Groups of people. I will give comments on my dishes when I am evaluating the dishes.

RDA g carbohydrate Definition for people of all ages: This vitamin helps to fight infection and maintains a healthy nervous system. Mix minced meat with chopped onions.

The nutrients in the ingredients consist of minerals like phosphorus and HBV protein. Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict Strengths: However, this burger look-alike contains smoked salmon and poached egg.