The dissolution data of all the formulations were fitted to zero order, first order, Higuchi model and Korsmeyer- Peppas model to study the drug release kinetics. The single meal due to the low frequency of MMC. Kinetic modelling on drug release from controlled drug delivery systems. Samples are withdrawn every month and analyzed for drug content and invitro release. An emerging trend in tablet technology: Arch Apll Sci Res.

The pressure necessary to rupture the absorption. Click here to sign up. Figure 3 demonstrate changes in top layer, 30 minutes time interval is selected in order to observe the changes that occur in top hydrophilic layer upon contact with liquid. The results of this study are consistent with findings in a previous report by Enayatifard et al. Drug Content Estimation Five tablets are taken and crushed, drug equivalent to mg is placed in a stoppered ml conical flask and drug is extracted with 25 ml of phosphate buffer PH 7. The present study was carried out with an objective of preparation and in vitro evaluation of floating tablets of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC and polyethylene oxide PEO using ranitidine hydrochloride as a model drug. J Pharm Sci Res.

Comparative pharmacokinetic study of a floating multiple unit dosage form: A bi-layer tablet contain two layer one immediate release layer which releases initial dose from Non-effervescent systems system while the another sustained release layer absorbs gastric fluid, forming an impermeable colloidal gel barrier on its The Non-effervescent FDDS is based on surface, and maintain a bulk density of less than unity and mechanism of swelling of polymer or bioadhesion to thereby it remains buoyant in the stomach.

A total of 9 formulations are prepared by keeping the concentration of drug and impermeable layer constant, soluble hydrophilic polymer concentration is selected by using 3 2 factorial design. SA1 achieved maximum swelling of The tablets of the best formulation are placed in stability chamber Thermal instruments and equipments and samples are withdrawn every month visually examined and evaluated for drug content and in-vitro dissolution studies.


Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

However, agents like Metoclopramide and Cisapride. The core tablet contains metoprolol tartarate, cellulose acetate propionate is used as impermeable membrane and sodium alginate cps and sodium alginate cps used as soluble hydrophilic polymer layer. Though HPMC has been used as a rate controlling polymer in controlled formulations, HPMC, when used alone, may exhibit an initial burst release for very soluble drugs.

The axial thickness expansion is also measured in SA1 the initial thickness is 5. Increasing the amount of sodium bicarbonate decreased the floating lag time. Wolters Kluwer Co; The pressure necessary to rupture the absorption.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Size and shape evaluation: There are various approaches in delivering The common approach for preparing these systems involves resin substances to deliveery target site in a controlled release fashion.

Floating Drug Delivery Systems: Floating drug delivery systems FDDS have a bulk density less than gastric fluids and so remain buoyant in the stomach without affecting gastric emptying rate for a prolonged period of time. Commercial grade compliance with quality agreements measured in terms of percent weight gain, as given by the equation. Bushetti 2M Najmuddin 3. A technical note, AAPS Although there are number of difficulties to be worked drugs to oral pharmacotherapy would substantially improve out to achieve prolonged gastric folating, a large number druv treatment.

Stereomicroscopic images of SA9 formulation. Changing the concentrations of polymers or changing the viscosity grades of HPMC had no significant difference in R 2 values.

The presence of C-H due to the aromatic C-H and aliphatic C-H observed at cm -1 and cm -1the strong peak are observed at cm -1 and cm -1 due to the ester group of the cellulose acetate propionate. The voltage drugs that are specifically absorbed from the stomach or the and current used were 30KV and 30mA respectively.

It is anticipated that FDDS may enhance this possibility. Swelling studies was determined by using Dissolution apparatus, optical microscopy and The test for buoyancy and in vitro drug release other sophisticated techniques which include H1NMRimaging, studies are usually carried out in simulated gastric and intestinal Confocal laser scanning microscopy CLSMCryogenic scanning fluids maintained at 37oC.


floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Physiological deliverry affecting the performance of oral sustained Gastric residence time of a non-disintegrating geometric shape in human release dosage forms. The lag time in such formulation is controlled by the time needed for the plug removal and its duration depends on the physical, chemical nature, size and position of the plug. Effect of drug solubility on polymer hydration and drug dissolution from polyethylene PEO matrix tablets. Upon water ingress, drug cloating released from the core These systems are designed to prolong the stay of the after rupturing of the surrounding polymer layer, due to pressure dosage forms in the gastric intestinal tract and aid in enhancing the build-up within the system.

Gastric emptying of f l o a t i n g f o r m s in supine subjects may occur at random and becomes highly dependent on the Floating dosage systems form important technological drug delivery systems with gastric r etentive diameter and size.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

Metoprolol tartarate is selective beta adrenoreceptor blocking agent used to treat hypertension, angina and heart attack. Adv Drug Del Rev.

Sodium alginate contains number of hydroxyl group of primary and secondary nature and hence IR spectrum of this compound gave dystem broad hump at cm -1 where in primary as well as secondary hydroxyl group absorption peak have been merged to give rise to a hump. Dry granulation method has been employed to prepare the gastroretentive tablets. Shaikhul Millat Ibn Razzak,