The dissolution was performed using ml of 0. It is anticipated that FDDS may enhance this possibility. The slide is removed from the dissolution beaker at every 30 min with the help of thread and increase in diameter and thickness is measured with the help of scale 3. The concentration of top layer of hydrophilic polymer is a critical factor governing the release pattern, increase in the concentration increased lag time and delay the release. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is exclusively proportional to the quantity of sodium bicarbonate in the tablet. A traditional oral sustained release formulation releases most of the drug at the colon.

Anatomically the stomach is divided into 3 regions: National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. The samples were analyzed for drug release against 0. Oral sustained release gastro-retentive dosage forms GRDFs offer many advantages for drugs with absorption from upper parts of gastrointestinal tract and for those acting locally in the stomach, improving the bioavailability of the medication. Support Center Support Center. Thus the drug release from the tablet can be tailored to meet the therapeutic requirement of the patients. The lag time obtained in SA1 is 2.

The images confirm the proper positioning of the core tablet in the assembly.

The increasing sophistication of delivery technology will The floating tablets of ranitidine hydrochloride were prepared by dry granulation method based on effervescent approach. It is also reported rhesis oral treatment of gastric disorders with an H 2 -receptor antagonist like ranitidine or famotidine, used in combination with antacids, promotes local delivery of these drugs to the receptor of the parietal cell wall.


Reduced fluctuations of drug concentration: Colonic metabolism of ranitidine: Thus the drug release from the tablet can be tailored to meet the therapeutic requirement of the patients.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Wolters Kluwer Co; Anatomically the stomach systemm divided into 3 regions: Ranitidine hydrochloride mg equivalent to mg of ranitidine and all other ingredients were weighed separately and passed through sieve no.

A Capsular system in which the body part coated with impermeable polymer and hydrophilic matrix plug sealing the drug formulation is used to prepare wystem drug delivery system. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

The particles that retained on sieve no. Gastric residence time of an oral dosage form is affected Frequency of f e e d — The G R T can increase by over by several factors.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Physiology of stomach Stomach Physiology: It has been demonstrated using radiolabeled technique that there is a difference between gastric emptying times of a liquid,digestible solid, and indigestible solid. Minimized adverse activity at floatjng colon: Ambulatory blood pressure study also con firmed the presence of circadian rhythm as in[4].

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Phase II Preburst phase lasts for 40 to 60 minutes with mm are reported to have an increased GRT competed to intermittent action potential and contractions. Alka Seltzer fizzing- determination of percent by mass of sodium bicarbonate in alka seltzer tablets. Ranitidine hydrochloride was used as the deliverj ingredient.

Propylene foam, Eudragit RS, ethyl cellulose, poly methyl 7.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

Water uptake was 7. The proximal part made of fundus and body acts as a reservoir for undigested material, whereas the antrum is the main site for mixing motions and act as a pump for gastric emptying by propelling actions Desai S.


The gastroretentive formulations are to be retained in the stomach for prolonged time. Hence, clinically acceptable sustained release dosage forms of ranitidine lfoating prepared with conventional technology may not be successful. Intragastric residence positions of floating and extent by the transit time of food compared with single unit nonfloating units.

Floating drug delivery systems: When These have an inflatable chamber which contains a liquid compared with solid beads, which gave a short residence time e. Multiple unit type of floating II. Quantification of water uptake studies of SA9 formulation.

Statistical Analysis In order to investigate the factors systematically and to arrive at an optimum formulation a drlivery 2 factorial design is employed in the present investigation.

Sodium bicarbonate was used an effervescent agent. Percentage entrapment efficiency was reliable for quantifying the phase distribution of drug in the 1. Volatile liquid containing systems which can maintain a floating force for over 12 hours. The cycle of compaction- milling- sieving was repeated until the granules and fines were obtained in ddug ratio of about R values of all the formulation were in the range of 0.