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Scares the heck out of you when you first hear it. Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) Memphis. Age: 19. My name is kelly and i am that secretly naughty kinky gfe that makes your friends envy you and other women stare. In public i am always prim and proper with a natural sensuality, but in private you will see the sweet honey under. The animal is nocturnal, so its distinctive call is heard only at night. He started to write about his experiences in a letter to his wife and children, in hopes that someday they might understand and know the truth of what he had experienced. The Tokay Gecko lizard is the second largest of all gecko species and males can reach inches in length. Ada. Age: 28. With the right gentlemen, i like to enjoy as much as giving enjoyment! I prefer to cater to a few number of gentleman friends and only through recommendations but if you got on my page you probably know that its will never be dull moment with me!i will shower you with kisses and my attention and make our encounter one to be remembered ! ...I love to go out and enjoy fine dining with a candle lights and stimulating conversation. Posting rules The tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) is a nocturnal arboreal gecko in the genus Gekko, the true geckos. It is native to Asia and some Pacific Islands. The tokay gecko is known as a hokkeng in Chakma, takshak in Assamese, hankkok in Manipuri, tuko in the Philippines, tokkae in Malaysia, tokek in Indonesian/Javanese, tắc kè in  ‎Distribution and habitat · ‎Physical characteristics · ‎Call · ‎Conservation. May 17, - Tokay geckos are described as “the meanest lizard you will ever see,” “the reptilian pit bull” that will not hesitate to bite and clamp down. Fuck You Lizard Vietnam War. “Hey guys! Are you sleeping!?” It's unlikely that Vietnam veterans are interested in being reunited with the sound. In the words of a Vietnam.

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Tysen. Age: 23. Do you want to spend an hour - two or even more in the company of a young lady to spoil you and to give you everything you want? Looking for adventure, something new, true passion ? Sexy, elegant, understated style, is a girl who knows how to enjoy moments of privacy My dad served in Vietnam and told my uncle about this fuck you lizard. I thought it was cool so I went to school and shared my new-found knowledge of the Fuck you lizard for show and tell when i was in first grade. Needless to say the teacher was not amused and sent me to the principals junge-generation.info that when U.S. soldiers encountered the Tokay gecko. Those lizards scared the piss right out of us. We heaved a big sigh of relief that it was only an animal and not a Charlie. Besides the iguanas, Vietnam also had its own unique “fuck-you” lizard. I had heard about the “fuck-you” lizard when I arrived in Nam, but just did not believe they really existed. When I heard my first one. And there were the reptiles, especially the "fuck-you" lizard. Science calls him the gecko, after his distinctive call. Pale turquoise with orange spots, this ten-inch relative of the dinosaur has sung his mournful song for tens of thousands of years without being understood. Now he crept up to a guard tower in the night, eased up.


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