Genetic basis for the new pneumococcal serotype 6C. Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. IC Specific Information, including contact information: Famous cases from the history of science as well as fictional case studies are used to involve students in discussion of the above issues including extensive use of video clips to engage students. All protocols specified below will conform to local and national guideline and will be reviewed by the UAB internal review board for the correct usage of animal subjects. His lab focused on anthrax toxin-mediated cell killing of host immunological cells, including macrophages and dendritic cells. In particular aim 3 Aims 2 and 3 do not have preliminary data.

Because these strains were capable of independently emerging and surviving in hosts, we speculate that serotype 11E emerges from an initial 11A infection, competitively survives in a state of co-infection, and goes on to cause disease. The Sponsor Moon Nahm has extensive experience on the topics of use of human samples, animal research and scientific properties. If differences are detected in capsule production, we will design additional experiments to examine protective features, such as complement deposition, etc. I also rotated and eventually joined the laboratory of Dr. Bureau of the Census; adjusted annually for changes in the Consumer Price Index; and adjusted by the Secretary for use in all health professions programs. The role of Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence factors in host respiratory colonization and disease. We have previously shown the validity of using monoclonal antibodies mAb to serotype clinical isolates 8.

Furthermore, his laboratory, employed scientists and the facilities available to the Nahm lab offer a helpful environment for experimental work. The clinical phase consists of 1. The research activities of the laboratory are an excellent match with the applicant’s long term career focus in pediatric infectious diseases.

The 11A serotype appears to be filling the void left by widespread use of the pediatric vaccine in North America and has diswertation associated with greater rates of day mortality relative to other serotypes We showed that all 11E isolate identified to date contain disruptive mutations unrelated to each other 5.


Should be informative to other persons working in the same or related fields and understandable to a scientifically or technically literate lay reader.

Calix, Sample F31 Application and Summary Statement

Recommend as Requested R e s our c e Sharing Plans: To provide support for promising doctoral candidates who will be performing dissertation research and training in scientific health-related fields relevant to the missions of the participating NIH Institutes and Centers ICs during the tenure of the award.

On-going check-ins with your sponsor on this journey: The NIH monthly stipend for your training is considered a full-time job and timely progress is a high expectation.

f31 dissertation grant

Because this particular topic, i. Lipoteichoic acid is important in innate immune responses to grampositive bacteria.

The unrelated disruptive mutations observed in all 11E isolates indicate that each strain emerged independently. Mastering these particular laboratory protocols will aid in the design of further methods to address future questions. Know how to get there Do easier sections first, like biosketches for you and your sponsors, the resources for your school and university, and your training plan and time line.

f31 dissertation grant

In developing this study plan and application, I have already gained a better understanding of grant writing. During my rotation in the lab of Dr.

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The candidate is exceptional, has outstanding academic grades, and has a long standing interest in infectious diseases. Find us on Facebook.

The Sponsor Moon Nahm has extensive experience on the topics of use of human samples, animal research and scientific properties. Certain aspects of this training plan and other related research projects require me to collaborate with labs in both industry and academia.

Proposal is nice mix of human and mouse studies, clinically relevant.


NIH NRSA F31 Cheatsheet

Humoral responses will be assessed from every grnt used in this study to determine correlations between titers and bacterial growth in hosts. Must contain the list of referees including name, department affiliation, and institution.

Determine that 11E has a selective advantage in an immune response against 11A in vivo and whether 11E infection emerges from initial infection with 11A. This study also begins to validate the use diesertation de-O-acetylated PS in pneumococcal vaccines for disease prevention, a similar strategy to what is being developed against other bacterial pathogens However, only a few invasive disease isolates have been examined.

Other research-related activities I have done since joining the lab includes the presentation of my qualification examination.

This process was capable to induce antibodies that are specific for 11A PS and not 11E PS 32so we assume that O-acetylation is at least partially conserved in the immunization product.

Identification of natural pneumococcal isolates expressing serotype 6D by genetic, biochemical and serological characterization.

Include only bibliographic citations. Goals for Fellowship Training and Career: This selective pressure has contributed to the diversification of capsular structures into the 93 currently recognized pneumococcal serotypes We investigated diversity of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to polysaccharide PS capsules of Streptococcus pneumoniae using their isoelectric points, peptide sequences, DNA sequences, binding affinity aviditycross-reactions, and peptide mimotopes.

Describe by year the activities research, yrant, etc.

f31 dissertation grant

Talk with your P. If no 11E isolates are detected, we can interpret that 11E is either a rare serotype or it only emerges following infection of sterile sites i.