The study provides the initial technical files and the basis of acceptance, operation, maintenance and management for the bridge. In order to do stressing strands are High-Tensile stands are inserted according to design and sequence and then stressed with the help of jack one or both end. The length of main bridge is m with two end spans of Static load test was carried out on Hengshui interchange ramp bridge of Lin-Chang expressway. Application of the glue on the face of the erected segment as well as new segment is carried out by experienced construction workers.

Bored cast-in-situ piles of 1. Extradosed bridges are perfect example for combination in structural configuration of, stay cable bridges for aesthetics and girder bridges for their durability, strength and ease of construction. Hello, thank you, nice text. In this paper, a general review of the principle and capacity of such an instrument is given. Figure 4 shows segment views and Figure 5 shows casting yard.

There is a provision for road and survey towers in this arrangement. Site is under construction, we regret any inconvenience caused. As a result of advancement in the construction technology, construction field is spectating merger of structural configuration to achieve desirable results. Please enter your comment! Bridge case study demonstrates the ease in precast segmental construction.

Narmada bridge design and construction comprises of bored cast in situ pile foundation, pier-cap, Y-shaped pylons, and extradosed cable deck which briege of m varying length segments having three-cell precast segmental box girder cast with short-line method and erection with balance-cantilever under-slug method by Bridge Builder. I was there in as an german intern Civil Eng.


Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

A manipulator permits adjustment of the longitudinal fall and hydraulic cylinders launch the device forward. Means some of the tendons can travel up to half-span length or more. Gantry cranes are provided in the arrangements. After the erection of one segment on expansion side; next segment will be erected on continuous joint side.

But longitudinal tendons are provided during erection, here it is noticeable that the tendons are provided starting for one end to another end every time in erection. Segments are to be match-cast.

Thesis on Extradosed Bridge

Post-tensioning tendons are major stressing component in the bridge. The length of typical segment is extraeosed to 3. Backward movement of new segment is performed to match with erected segment. To cast this brirge of shape, special steel formwork with adequate scaffolding and false-work system was designed and provided to have control over geometry of structure.

The extra-dosed bridge has straight alignment between abutments A1 and A2. Balanced cantilever construction method is used to erect the box girders with epoxy joints between segments. Erection of segment on any pylon will start from expansion side segment.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

And then grouted after suitable duration. Can I find this reference: Stay cable extradosed system-Dyna-Link Anchor box stay cable system, Post-tension bar stressing.

extradosed bridge thesis

For vertical displacement between two adjacent cantilevers, a shear key hridge provided at the expansion joint. Ease in construction can determined by the ongoing process, which is at segment casting yard- with six moulds and 3 to 5 days of casting time cycle for segment, average segments casting is observed.


In current scenario, many structural configuration options are available for bridge structure. Stay segment takes five days due to complex reinforcement and other guide-pipe arrangement in blisters. To achieve that P. The span consists of 8 nos.

extradosed bridge thesis

Steel diaphragm and stiffening rib of the multi-box steel- concrete composite bridge can improve the flexural capacity of bridge to some extent, so extradosd contributions should be reasonably considered during the design stage in order to reduce the engineering cost. Butterfly-Shaped rail terminal to offer airport-like facilities at Byappanahalli. As in described in geometry, transverse as well as longitudinal tendons are there for post tensioning purpose.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an The Main bridge length is m, which is divided into 10 spans with extradosed arrangement.

Extradosed Bridge-Span Construction: Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch

This stressing is carried out to squeeze the glue and get adequate rigid bonding between two segments. Bridge span-construction is a complex activity involving different phases shown schematically in Figure 3. The length of main bridge is m with two end spans of