His life had been one long story of abysmal oppression that was provided by the circumstances beyond his control. This is even more cuttingly acerbic when Balram says: He seeks to make amends for his past and gives the woman 25, rupees and offers her other son a job as a driver. S M Samuel Missal Author. Alternatively, Mr Ashok at times shows signs of pity, scarring him as a marked man.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: These concepts focus upon the denial of rights, privileges and opportunities to a fringe group who have a relationship of subordination to the majority with whom they cannot assimilate. Click to learn more https: Success should not be defined by an admission to college or by numbers, it should be defined by whether the person really gained something of value. He starts doing what the rich does, getting a blonde hair girl, living the life of luxury.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga Research Paper Example :

He learned and adapted to how the rich people live, how they spend their money, how to act and be a rich person. The misery wgite their lot is undeniably pathetic: Besides the options for upward mobility are non-existent and therefore the recourse to unlawful means that in the milieu of corruption is indeed an unnoticeable blot.

He kills him because the master could itger and call the police, but he is also taking his revenge in advance because he knows that his own family will suffer a terrible price. He never has an idea on his own what should he adia doing but listening to others running his life.

Adiga makes the point that masters should exercise their position of authority and take adiba. As in China, there is very little freedom for the poorest people in India — the servants who struggle with an oppressive and ancient caste system, and an enriched and corrupt ruling class that has all the hallmarks of a dictatorship.


Resources include a workbook program that helps students improve their analytical vocabulary and their persuasive and reasoning skills. It is evident that everyone is not tigre the same opportunities simply because of where they live, or their ethnicity. It is this that awakened the rebel in him and he planned out the murder after Pinky left giving him thousands of rupees.

The migration is primarily driven by distress when even subsistence living is denied the villager. The master-less buffalo is also a sign to Balram and anticipates his emancipation. With gods like these, Balram believes, it is particularly difficult to be free. How about make it original? The masterless buffalo also provides a link between the Chinese and Indian political systems and suggests that India, which is only a democracy by name, must rid itself of the corrupt yoke of the master so that the servant can be truly free.

White Tiger Essay

American Studies – Literature Redefining Morality. The marginalization faced by the dalits is yet another dimension of Indian society which is not economic but socio-cultural. The description points to the physical hardihood of the poor. Vijay earns a uniform and a pay check and becomes the envy of others. Adiga foregrounds the metaphor of the rooster coop to tier how the poor are conditioned to think and behave like servants, which makes it difficult for them to break out of the coop.

In society, the standard for success is extremely high and sometimes overwhelming. Such a hegemony is the characteristic of systemic marginality.

essay on white tiger by aravind adiga

Exclusion, Marginalization and Peripheralization. Balram is constantly pressurised by family to get married because there would be an advantage to the large, poor family.


To some extent, there are signs that Balram may enjoy a brighter future if he takes responsibility for his actions and starts the long process towards regaining his humanity.

Each side is eternally trying to hoodwink the other side; and it has been this way since the start of time …. There was an election coming up and the tea shop owner had already sold us. Adiga’s White Tiger rides to Booker victory against the odds. All content has been written by Dr Jennifer Minter.

essay on white tiger by aravind adiga

As Adiga pn out, the master conditions the servant to accept his downtrodden place as a reflection of his perpetual acceptance of the darkness. The masters rule with impunity and lack a conscience, which often spells political ruin in India.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga – English Works

Although he now enjoys his own chandeliers that symbolise light, they also symbolise corruption and shameless ttiger. Balram explains that no Indian ever cheats or aravin his master not because he is honest: There are also very serious consequences.

Marginality is also furthered in The White Tigerthrough political disempowerment and disenfranchisement. Vijay is typical of those like the master who benefit from corrupt business practices. These concepts focus upon the denial of rights, privileges and opportunities to a fringe group who have a relationship of subordination to the majority with whom they cannot assimilate.