I called on all Members of Parliament to support the Apology. We encouraged them to come forward, and as they came slowly across the stone paving, one by one, they were greeted with a hug or a handshake. It doesn’t matter whether or not you were ‘personally responsible’; you can claim a sense of nationalistic sorrow for the people affected by policies enacted in the name of Australia, the same way you can claim nationalistic pride in the sacrifices made by the ANZACs or victories of Australian sporting teams. I knew the overcrowding was horrific and addressing this need would be one very practical way to make sure we started to close the gap. Some shared a joke and a laugh.

He emphasised that we needed a national plan to close the gap. So much had gone in to reaching this moment. The amendment did not get any traction on the day. Rita had done so much to make the Apology a success and Nanna Fejo acknowledged her in the loveliest way. It was his first act as prime minister — opening federal parliament with the word Aboriginal and Islander people and a legion of non-Indigenous Australians had longed to hear: Kevin Rudd was elected Labor Leader in December He emphasised the importance of our Closing the Gap framework:

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The major newspapers were giving the Apology considerable focus. Using these adjectives allows for the author to further convince the audience of his contention, which is to make up for all the wrongs that have been done by the government in the past.

Rudd, like prime ministers before and since, left his office with great hopes dashed by harsh realities. I called on all Members of Parliament to support the Apology. My view was that the key to achieving national unity was to link symbolism and substance. As Michael said, the Apology was welcome but painful. Although we had promised an apology many times before, they just could not believe it was actually, finally happening.


Howard continually used what could have been symbols of national unity against Aboriginal people. A decade on, I hope we can reignite the spirit of the Apology to take these next big steps—to recommit to Close the Gap, and to respond positively to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Oomera had been removed from her family in at five-months old, and sent to Cootamundra Girls Home. One of them is structural features.

Reflections on the apology: Kevin Rudd in conversation with Stan Grant

The Apology was turned into a beautiful calligraphic manuscript on vellum by artist Gemma Black. All Australians should know these names.

Some shared a joke and a laugh.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

Aboriginal and Torres Xpeech Islander children are being removed from their families at rates higher than at any time in the Stolen Generation era. No one missed the connections between the Apology to the Stolen Generations and the emergency response, both of which, in their very different ways, were about the treatment of Aboriginal children.

And on a more emotional level, many people for whom we were doing this were quite old. I was worried this could derail negotiations, but the Aboriginal leaders were understanding. And this is the importance of the Apology.

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It’s difficult to know, given many records prior to the early 90s were destroyed or kept erratically, but in there were only 2, Indigenous kids in out-of-home care. The Sydney Morning Herald editorialised again: Patrick Dodson—known then and now as the Father of Reconciliation—asked me to make sure that the hurt that had been caused was recognised. Everything was a battle, especially during the long Howard years, when even the existence of Stolen Generations was often denied.

Kim Beazley was Leader of the Opposition at the time. In this speech, Kevin Rudd, the Australian prime minister is giving a painstaking apology to the stolen sorty and the aboriginals for their sorrow, pain and loss. By all states had repealed their legislation allowing for the removal of Aboriginal children and set rudd Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agencies to contest removal applications.


However, she argued that because the removal of children in the Northern Territory occurred before self-government and was based on a Commonwealth ordinance the Commonwealth should assume essaj or provide sorru assistance measures. The anniversary of the National Apology is a day which commemorates the event which Kevin Rudd – The Prime Minister of Australia – made a formal apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples’ and those whose lives had been blighted by past government policies of forced child removal and assimilation.

He kept calling for the release of sotry words and the release of the legal advice. Kevin Rudds sorry speach.

Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples

I was worried that opposition to an apology would grow if we let it linger. The words of the speech — searing, challenging, cathartic and healing — spoke to the pain deep inside all Indigenous people and especially those for whom this apology was intended: He had decided not to attend.

It was never going to erase the pain and trauma experienced by the Stolen Generations—but to acknowledge it and confront it. So, at the 40 th anniversary of the referendum, Rudd laid out our commitment to deliver policies to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.