The park will have more than 40 Indian species, including the common leopard, blue Mormon, yellow pansy, red Helen, and common Jezebel. The deer park was opened in One of the corners of the enclosure is chosen mainly to keep visitors away from the treated animals. The biological rhythm and cycle of the animals has been modified so that they are active during the daytime and sleep during the nighttime. The reptile was feeding on small mammals, roaming freely inside the zoo, which helped it survive without any problem. The primate house includes some unique endangered primate species like the lion-tailed macaque , Nilgiri langur , capped langur and chimpanzee.

The incident came as a blow to officials at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur, who have been trying to prevent in-breeding among white tigers and strengthen the species gene through cross breeding. A rat-breeding centre has been constructed near the store house to cater the needs of snakes. The director is also the member secretary of the Zoo Authority of Tamil Nadu formed under Tamil Nadu Society Act , which started functioning from 1 April , and comprises the following members:. To overcome this, the males are kept in kraals in isolation from other males. The yearly budget of the park for its developmental and maintenance work is approved by the governing board.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ramachandranwhen most of the works were completed. The caterpillar-shaped park with a landscaped habitat, nectar gardens, a walking bridge, pathways for visitors, breeding and rearing centres, and rock gardens will be built on 2.

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Archived from the original on 26 January Manikandan Chennai, May 23, Otteri lake situated on the north-western side within the park premises acts as a roosting ground for a wide array of aquatic migratory birds such as the open-bill storkpainted storkwhite ibisgrey heronnight heroncormorantsdartersegretsdabchickspelicansgreat pelicansglossy ibis and moorhenmaking it a bird watchers’ paradise.


Archived from the original on 20 October The park, along with the Chennai Snake ParkMadras Crocodile Bank and the Mysore Zoois slated to become a nodal point for captive breeding of endangered pythons in the country, especially aprk Indian rock python Python molurus and reticulated python Python reticulatus.

Retrieved 10 July As part of the park’s development plan, safari parks for liongaur and deer have been created on a hilly terrain covering an area of 70 hectares esssayenabling the visitors to see the animals in their natural habitats. Retrieved 16 October Archived from the original on 14 August It covers 35 hectares 86 acres [33] and is home to more than animals including sambar and spotted deer.

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After several attempts, the animal was finally trapped, and it was named after the zoo keeper, Arumugam, who first noticed the feline in the trap cage and alerted his superiors. Apart from treating animals, the kraal also acts as a place for isolating animals in rut. The park stands first in the country for establishing an amphibian captive facility, and it is the only zoo in the country to have amphibians on display.

At present, the lions move around in the plains region about 12 hectares 30 acres of the hectare acre total area and are not allowed into the hilly region.

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The deer park was opened in However, this too was deferred by the state government. It provided an environment similar to natural zoologkcal which helped to meet the biological and physiological need of the animals and birds.

Inthe Zoo was established over an area of more than 1, acres in the Vandalur Reserve Forest. Electric vehicle left and vehicle for lion safari right at the zoo. The zoo is fenced on all sides by means of the perimeter wall. On average, around 10, onn birds visit the lake each year. In addition, there are four enclosures for deer—each housing about 30 animals.


essay on arignar anna zoological park

Retrieved 20 October The primate house includes some unique endangered primate species like the lion-tailed macaqueNilgiri langurcapped langur and chimpanzee. Retrieved 2 October In the beginning, the area was nothing more than a scrub jungle, with practically no tree cover.

The newly constructed Small Mammals House has animals such as the grizzled giant squirrel and the Malayan giant squirrel. Most of the exhibits in the zoo lie along a circular road covering about 2.

essay on arignar anna zoological park

Chennai portal Zoos and aquariums portal Environment portal. The habitat is planted with fruit-bearing trees, including gooseberry and mangoes. The Central Zoo Raignar of India CZA zlological identified the park as coordinating zoo for the breeding programmes for endangered species as per the National Zoo Policy adopted by the Government of India inwhich states that the main objective of zoos will be to complement and strengthen national efforts in the conservation of the country’s rich biodiversity and that the species which have no chance of survival in the wild would be bred under ex-situ conditions.

Archived from the original on 30 January Retrieved 14 October The aviary is home to about birds of different species including Alexandrine parakeetrose-ringed parakeetblue rock pigeoncommon mynaIndian koelcommon babblerwhite-browed bulbulfrancolinred-vented bulbulred-whiskered bulbulwagtailpipitorange-headed thrushred-wattled lapwinglittle brown dove and spotted dove.