Sejenak meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini. Forty Years of Essays. The first stanza of the target text is written in double quotation marks which are not used in the source text. Goenawan Mohamad is one of Indonesia’s foremost literary figures and public intellectuals, and this translated volume of essays, from to , demonstrates the breadth of his perceptive and elegant commentary on literature, faith, mythology, politics, history and Indonesian life. Goenawan Mohamad employs several examples of metaphor and also personification which also can be classified as metaphor, i. In addition, the the repeated final vowel [a] in Tak ada berhala, tak ada negosiasi dengan makna is translated to There are no idols, no negotiations with meaning which does not have internal rhyme or repeated final sounds.

This choices made by the author contribute to the meaning of the text, producing an aesthetic effect on the reader. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. These distinctive text types will help the translator to specify the appropriate hierarchy of equivalence levels needed for a particular translation and to sharpen his awareness of linguistic markers of communicative function and functional translation units Nord, According to him, plays involve the movement of human bodies that enables the interaction and development of words and ideas. Namun hanya beberapa persen yang bisa dia mengerti.

It is classified as half-rhyme as the pairs do not have identical or exact rhyming sounds, they are only similar in the final consonant sounds.

Hingga kini, Goenawan Mohamad banyak menghadiri konferensi baik sebagai pembicara, narasumber maupun peserta. This choices made by the author contribute to the meaning of the text, producing an aesthetic effect on the reader.


Zahru rated it it was amazing Apr 25, There are 99 selected poems compiled in the collection, exploring the breadth of his belief and contemplation to God, goenaan moments, and goebawan poetic experiences with the expressionsthatat the first sight do not explicitly referred to God. Tak gaze at you, does not read you.

Essays by Goenawan Mohamad

Bertemu dengan orang-orang yang meninggalkan sejarah dan luka bukan hanya pada satu negeri tapi lebih universal. As itis goneawan that in the target text the same effect is achieved as in the source text, the translator has to depart more from the content and the form of the original than in other types of text and to obtain the fidelity of a similarity in formal principles and the preservation of the aesthetic effect in reproducing every detail in the content of the original text.

essay goenawan mohamad

Translating as a Purposeful Activity: Furthermore, seluruh niat which is translated into each intention also signifies there is a shift as seluruh means all. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Log In Sign Up. Open Preview See a Problem?

essay goenawan mohamad

Jiwa Rasa rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Meanwhile, in the target text, nyanyi is translated as song which is a noun. View all 3 comments.

This effect has to be taken into account in translation. Setelah terbit beberapa tahun, Koran Tempo menuai masalah. Furthermore, the other difference is the indentation of the word Tagore.

Primary examples of this text type include radio and television scripts, such as radio newscasts and reports, topical surveys and eessay productions Reiss, The Potentials edsay Limitations. The author chooses to emphasize the content and message reflected in the poem more by carefully make a beautiful sequence of words. Furthermore, in operative text type, both content and form are considered subordinate to the extralinguistic effect that the text is designed to achieve.


Furthermore, the target text should transmit the aesthetic and artistic form of the source text, in addition ensuring the accuracy of information. In addition, there is an example of efficiency in the form of intra-system shift employed by the translator observed. Dengan menggunakan berbagai pergeseran terjemahan dan terjemahan metafora untuk membuat teks target lebih alami, mempertahankan aspek yang relevan dari konten semantik, dan mengambil sudut pandang penulis dalam menerjemahkan puisi, terjemahan bahasa Inggris dari Puisi No.

Esai-esai pendek Goenawan, seolah mampu membawa ku terbang.

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August Product Type: Thus, the expressive type is encoded at the level of content and aesthetic organization and requires an analogous form in the translation to create a corresponding impression,so that goenasan translation can become a true equivalent Reiss, NewSouth Publishing Publication date: Furthermore, in maintaining the expressive function of the source text, the metaphors in this stanza are translated as metaphors.

Dan begitu banyak istilah yang tak bisa dimengerti kecuali jika kau memegang kamus di tangan kirimu, dan buku ini di tangan gienawan.

essay goenawan mohamad

Towards a General Theory of Translational Action: Simonsapala rated it really liked it Nov 01, Mungkin “Kata” dan “Waktu” yang akan mengajarkan kita untuk lebih arif memahami dan melakukan.