After optional in Mains, it is the essay paper which can cause huge variation in the total score of the aspirants. Answered Mar 26, I again made short notes for the static portion of topics mentioned in the syllabus. You can create such repository of questions by looking at the previous year papers. Has anyone taken their essay course before?

To provide quality education and guidance normally a minimum of two teachers are engaged for each subject. I maintained a collection of good lines in it. However, it is not worth the money. It is not just a Student Portal, it’s a Social Network. Thank you for your feedback! To recently published fee strc. Education these days and my editing.

Most of the people including me faced difficulty in completing the paper.


Economy For prelims, I relied on Mrunal videos and Sriram institute notes found in the market. Related Posts to Peter Nyugen Essays: This course consists of classroom lecturesstudy materials and UPSC test series. Thanks for A2A Total expense approx vqjiram Ramaswamy essay classes is very famous and is considered one of the best in India.

Resources for preparation like notes, online classes. The Institute imparts guidance at New Delhi only.

The utility of vvajiram exercise is that since the ethics paper is one of the lengthiest paper in mains, it helps you to produce rich content without taking much time. Understand coaching institute do not run for charity, they have a course to suit every need of yours.


For me personally, minimum revisions are required to write answers effectively. Minimum all expenses inc. How to use the same source for both prelims and mains?

Answered Oct 18, The main interview programmes classrs a week after the Main exam results are announced.

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The cost benefit is low and hence one can go for short notes such as Vision IAS notes available in the market. The programme consists of 4 classes, 2 Mock interviews and a personal sitting session.

They are most important because they determine the interest of the examiner. It helps to revise whatever we have done in the past months in few hours before the exam to refresh and reproduce the content in the exam.

I myself studied from Mr Pathak.

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Please refer to this link http: Vajiram and ravi in delhi is renowned for its quality education as result is the witness of the same IAS Toppers use to be always from this institute. Contact Us Time management -Do go for timed tests.


Balance between current and static and one source per one subject. It is not just a Student Portal, it’s a Social Network.

The internet is full of information. In many subjects such as History and Geography, the source is same but the approach would be different.

Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

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They won’t give you a single paisa discount. It’s a dynamic question which means the answer would vary from year to year.

Prelims test series and printed materials will be included.

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To provide quality education and guidance normally a minimum of two teachers are engaged for each subject. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

Test series is the hallmark of the of Vision IAS.

essay classes vajiram

To prepare the reading materials for the correspondence courses, the Institute has an exclusive centre for Correspondence Education which employs all the latest techniques of distance education to cater fully to the needs of the candidate.

Leaving questions blank should be avoided at all costs.