A large bamboo buffalo is constructed near the temple and covered with paper painted in red, black, white, green and yellow, which symbolize the five elements of the universe fire, water, metal, wood and earth. The New Year always brings to people hopes and belief in better life and future. In addition to the common meal, each family cooks a celebratory dish from buckwheat groats and sweets. Now Navruz is celebrating annually on Alisher Navoi’s square. They also wore soft colors like blue and white. In the bright dramatized representations of philosophic and poetic judgment of Navruz , it places in national history reveals. A guest of “Shark Taronalari”, the famous French singer Charles Aznavour said that in his childhood he had learned about ‘the mysterious and unique gem of the East’ from the play Let’s Go to Samarkand , but it was only in that his dream to see the ancient monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara came true.

There are many traditions, precisely handed down from one generation to another, which are coupled with this holiday. The constitution is the main law of the state, the document which possesses a high validity. It became a national holiday of friendship, unification, brotherhood of all people. Uzbeks in China have many traditional festivals such as the Rouzhi festival “Id al-fitr” , Gurbang festival, Shengji festival and Nuluzhi festival. The wheat is put in water until it begins to sprout.

Before then, the uzbkeistan of lovers’ messages on commercial radio and television stations was a growing trend in the secular country where most people are Muslim.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

Congregational prayers are held for future good luck, harmony and protection from famines and other disasters. Students have also been urged not to exchange Valentine’s cards.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

For them, it was as if the powers of light had overcome the powers of darkness, allowing the earth to awaken and life to be rekindled. A little later their mother also slept. This holiday in independent Uzbekistan is celebrated in honor of memory of our compatriots which during centuries heroically, self-denyingly protected our native territory, its freedom and independence, a peace life of our people.


Spring festival of Navruz. Navruz – the New Year by the Natural Calendar.

Traditionally, it is also a time to “clean up” one’s life. Central Asia has holifay own Navruz traditions. The deep respect for the teacher has taken roots in our territory during old times.

The constitution consists of 6 sections, 26 chapters and article. Later, “the spring” New Year became popular among the majority of peoples of Central Asia, not only Iranian-speaking, but also Turkish, who narvuz influenced by Zoroastrian culture. Mostly they are the same as those observed in Uzbekistan but the names are different. Now Navruz is celebrating annually on Alisher Navoi’s square. On this day men give flowers and presents to their mothers, wives and daughters with their best wishes.

The international women’s day is a holiday of beauty, tenderness and feminity.

Navruz – the New Year by the natural calendar

According to tradition, people try to make the celebratory table dastarkhan as rich as possible with various dishes and sweets. This smoke is said to make malicious spirits flee. From that time forth the boys were never hungry. For them, this is not just a holiday, it is a chance and an opportunity to start everything from scratch, forget all the bad things, forgive all grievances.

On 29th December, January 14th has been declared by Day of defenders of the Native land.


Preferable form of communication: Hokiday, a popular singer whose music mixes Eastern melodies with Western pop, has given a concert on 14 February for years. To make cooking interesting and pleasant work, people dance, sing songs and listen to music.


This is all about the symbols that are used on this occasion,” Ikbol told AFP. Wedding, parties 40 days after a birth and circumcision parties can be major events.

Navruz – A Celebration of Life :: Public holiday in Uzbekistan. Noruz, Nowruz, Nowrooz and Nawruz

Today, Uzbeks still serve a traditional meal of “sumalyak”, which tastes like molasses-flavored cream of wheat and is made from flour and sprouted wheat grains. In southern Russia, the Bashkirs probably adopted the celebration of Navruz from Persian tribes that once lived in the Ural Valley. One day, their mother became very weary of their crying, and sorrowful that she had no food to give them.

The holiday celebrates the day in the spring when day and night are equal, and is the start of a new year.

Guide and interpreter services. The grains gradually transform into a thick viscous brown mass. These dishes symbolize the wish for the coming esssy to be as “sweet” and happy. Near the temple people break clay figures down and burn the bamboo buffalo. March 21 st is a im when the duration of the day and night are equal. Halisa is a dish made from 7 cereals — to make it tasty they add meat.