If there is a need to hire local people to meet demand and this can be done efficiently, this remains a positive option. Many new opportunities and potential customers have been identified and a number of prospects are being progressed, with some at advanced stages. DVLA wants to make it as easy as possible for motorists and businesses to access government services. I have announced that I will be leaving the agency in April to take up a post in the Department for Work and Pensions. In January we introduced the first vehicle management digital service. The Plan details our vision and the objectives required to deliver our change agenda which will provide a centre of excellence of digital services for our customers. Survey carried out in March

The principles of Civil Service Reform, Digital by Default, efficiency growth and open data agendas shape and drive the change portfolio. The Agency estate is flexible, efficient and effective, which enables it to meet the changing requirements of the business, particularly those arising from the closure of the local services network. DVLA lead the way in government in the production of secure cards. We are continuing to work closely with the motor industry to ensure that their systems and processes are as ready as they can be before the changes are implemented. As a government body, the agency has budgets set at the start of the financial year in respect of certain activities, known as the Departmental Expenditure Limit DEL.

In October we cut fees on a number of driver transactions as a result of efficiency savings on our running costs.

Indefinite Statutory Off Road Notification. Work continues to achieve a gender balance at Grade 7 and above, which is representative of the workforce as a whole. Our corporate documents now provide information that is more accessible.

I have announced that I will be leaving the agency in April to take up a post in the Department for Work and Pensions. We will use 4, post offices offering front office counter services to carry out assisted digital transactions for customers. In take-up of DVLA digital services increased to:.


DVLA personalised registrations offer a range of unissued registration numbers for customers to buy online or at auction.

dvla business plan 2012-13

Much of the Agency waste fits into established recycling schemes; however, dlva processes for sorting waste can be improved. To help us improve GOV. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.

Home DVLA business plan to The buusiness of senior civil servants is set by the Prime Minister following independent advice from the Review Body on Senior Salaries. Managers will do all they can to assist dedicated and experienced staff to prepare themselves for something new. This model will support the requirements 201-213 will enable us to take control, manage our own IT service and build the foundations of a more flexible, digital and customer focused organisation.

We have yet another challenging year ahead of us.

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The re-accreditation of customer standards see our highlights for the year shows that DVLA continues to provide some of the best customer service in both the public and private sector. The private initiative is a way of creating public, private partnerships by funding public infrastructure projects with private capital. Supporting delivery of our plan 6.

Details of the risks identified and addressed in are outlined in the Governance Statement.

Motoring agencies business plans for 2012 to 2013

DfT have commenced the search for my replacement whose responsibility it will be to deliver this plan and lead busniess agency forward. The pension figures shown relate to the benefits that the individual has accrued as a consequence of their total membership of the pension scheme, not just their service in a senior capacity to which disclosure applies.


The Contact Centre provides an excellent quality of service and is one of the leading providers of these services within both the public and private sector.

Each includes a number of key initiatives and infrastructure work to ensure business operations continuity. CETVs are worked out in accordance with The Occupational Pension Schemes Transfer Values Amendment Regulations and do not take account of any actual or potential reduction to benefits resulting from Lifetime Allowance Tax which may be due when pension benefits are taken.

Find out more about cookies or hide this message. Modernisation will mean centralising work in Swansea and will lead to efficiency savings.

dvla business plan 2012-13

Sustainable Construction – no construction activities have been undertaken in the past 12 months. What were you doing? Digital take-up of our services increased from Many new opportunities and potential customers have been identified and a number of prospects are being progressed, with some at advanced stages.

Business plan 2013 to 2014

Programmes of work have been established to deliver specific high level objectives and each programme commissions the projects it needs to deliver individual outputs.

The trade union is 201-13 and consulted on changes which may have implications for the people they represent. Payment for VED by Direct Debit has been introduced in the year which has given customers the choice to spread the cost over 12 months. DVLA is aware of the need to be sustainable. DVLA will continue to work across government as one of the leaders in the government digital by default strategy.