Access cavity opening and root canal therapy in relation to maxillary and mandibular permanent teeth. Journal of Dental Materials Interdepartmental Meetings To bring in more integration among various specialties, there shall be interdepartmental meeting chaired by the Dean with all the Heads of the Departments at least once in a month. Basic concepts, immune system in human body, auto immune diseases, histopathology, pathogenesis, immunology of dental caries, periodontal diseases, tumors, oral mucosal lesions etc. Perform essential diagnostic procedures, other relevant laboratory tests and interpret them to arrive at a reasonable diagnosis about the surgical condition.

Lesson 2 — Effects of Mutations on Protein Function: The type of cases can be as follows: These may be divided into blocks of 6 to 8 months duration each, depending on the training policies of each institution. Models — models of children with normal occlusion at age 3,7,11 and 14 years. Concept of essential drugs and rational use of drugs. Submission of the topic and synopsis for the University dissertation according to the guidelines of the Dr.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Insertion of the orthodontic appliance 2. List of viruses included, lesions produced, pathogenesis, latency principles and laboratory diagnosis. Qualifications for a Professor and Head of the Postgraduate Department: Able to manage the disabled children effectively and efficiently, tailored to the needs of individual requirement and conditions.

Faculty who is accepted as PG teacher in a dental institution starting PG courses will not be accepted for next one year in any other dental institution. The completed dissertation should be submitted 6 months before the final examination. Understanding Dental Caries — Gordon Nikiforuk The dynamic interaction of biologic processes and mechanical forces acting on the stomatognathic system during orthodontic treatment.


Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation. Skills psycho motor domain 3. Assessment should be done using checklists that assess the various aspects.



Management of medically compromised patients with hematologic Disease. To be competent to fabricate and manage the most appropriate appliance – intra or extra oral, removable or fixed, mechanical or functional, and active or passive – for the treatment of any orthodontic problem to be treated singly or as a part of multidisciplinary treatment of oro-facial deformities. Paper IV will be one essay. The business environment is dynamic in nature which means that the knowledge of the workers forms a crucial part of the business operations.

Smear Presentation — 20 marks Cytology or microbial smear and staining iv. Post and core build up a Anterior teeth b Posterior teeth – 10 – 05 61 5. Applied preventive aspects in Orthodontics – Caries and periodontal disease prevention Oral hygiene measures Clinical procedures ix.

Computers in oral diagnosis and imaging. Hypoxia, cyanosis, dyspnoea and periodic breathing. Weekly seminars, journal and case discussions will be conducted in the department on rotation basis for the PG students.


S graduate who will: Dental Colleges, may be considered for further promotion on the basis of total teaching experience. Commencement of university dissertation. Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry.

Dentin — development, physical and chemical properties, structure, type of dentin, innervations, age and functional changes. Paper IV will be on Essay. Performing behavioral rating and I.


Examiners There shall be at least four examiners in each subject. Case history taking with recording of a.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Case Staff Signature Name: A candidate securing less marks as described above shall be declared to have failed the examination. Posting in department of anatomy for dissection of head, face and neck. Class II amalgam cavities. During the college hours guidelones PGs have to note their movements in the movement register whenever they have to leave the department, countersigned by the staff present in the department at that time. Out of which two shall be pertaining to the specialty, one in applied basic sciences and one shall be an essay.

Observation during clinical work 1.