He was one of the most critical and persistent voices during the AIDS crisis and arguably the one whose theoretical insights most shaped the development of activist and artistic practices, even beyond the confines of queer and AIDS politics. Joan Jonas, Untitled , The following essay takes its point of departurefromthe catalogue textfor Pictures;but it focuseson different issues and addressesan aestheticphenomenon implicitlyextendingto many more artiststhan the original exhibitionincluded. Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had several different motivations for writing the book.

The room was found empty, without a stick of furniture. I edited the AIDS issue in single-handedly. That distanceis all that thesepicturessignify. The expression of that desire to make the pictureyield a realitythat it pretendsto contain is the subject of the work of Troy Brauntuch. Is it thesuspicious glance?

The currencyof the mythswith which Levine deals is exemplifiedby those profiles, takenas theyare fromthefacesof coins; thephotographsare cut out of a fashion magazine.

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I was more lowly than that. Time is extremelycompressed the runningtimeis twenty-six seconds and yetextremely distended shown as a loop, it plays endlessly. I opposed that narrative in all of my AIDS writing.

douglas crimp pictures essay 1979

In retrospect, it is the innate Romanticism of this moment that emerges most clearly, founded as it is on the twin insights that all that is beautiful must pass away and only that which has not stopped hurting will stay. We would nevertakethesephotographsforbeinganything but staged. Needlessto say,we are not in searchof sources or origins, but of structuresof signification: I did see some theater in New Douhlas because Tulane had a very fine theater department at that time; most of the faculty left and came to NYU around the same time I moved here in And Jack Goldstein sourced his material pitcures the special effects departments of film studios.


I still believe that our promiscuity can save us. Nearly everything I write is written initially as a talk, even the duglas of this book.

In the front are the serious mostly straight artists; in the back are the douglqs queers, lit up by amphetamines and the lambent red halo of an imposing Dan Flavin.

Shown as a loop, it is a potentiallyendlessrepetitionofrepetitions. What then are thesenew aestheticactivities? I see the polarity in this book not as emotional and intellectualbut something more like autobiographical and critical. Gay liberation, spilling into that cruelly short moment between Stonewall and AIDS —demands reinvention, novel couplings, and sexual experimentation. That opens a can of worms, ethically, regarding how to represent others.

The Pictures Generation

As thefilmunwound it continuedto show only this still douvlas the entirefilmconsistedof nothingbut a freezeframe. I experienced innovation, experimentation, and transformation in the queer world and the art world simultaneously but mostly separately.

That posture, registeringa quick, jerkymotion,is contrasted,in this motionlesspicture,with thefrozenimmobilityof the statueof a lion.

In other words, all of their works bore the uncanny quality of the deja-vu.

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Troy Brauntuch looked to antique photographs and drawings of Hitler for inspiration. People began to talk about appropriation, popular culture, and representation. Artists Space increasingly has felt the importance of extending its policy of providing a responsive outlet for new art to creating contexts for the art that identifies it and additionally makes it accessible to the picrures.


This is art in the age of the triumph of the media, which is to say an age in which the media are always dissembling. The Jumpwas made byrotoscopingstocksuper-8footageof high divesand shootingtheanimationthrougha special-effects lens thatdispersedtheimage into jewellike facets.

douglas crimp pictures essay 1979

So ifwe now have to look foraestheticactivitiesin so-called alternativespaces,outside themuseum,thatis because those activities,those pictures,pose questions thatare postmodernist. Some of my resentment toward Ashbery likely comes from the way he titled my first essays in ARTnews— I should be over it by now, of course.

douglas crimp pictures essay 1979

She looks the part of what was called, in thatdecade, a careergirl, an impressionthatis perhaps cued, perhaps merelyconfirmedby the factthatshe is surroundedby theoffice towersof the big city. The sensethatitsgestureis a completeone is therefore mitigated byits fragmented images generating multiplepsychological tropologicalreso- and 6.

This is not to say that there is not a great deal of art being produced today that can be categorizedaccordingto the integrity of itsmedium,only thatthatproductionhas become thoroughly academic; take,forexample, the glut of so-calledpatternpainting,a modernist-derivedstylethathas not only been sanctionedwith a stylename, but has generateda criticalcommentary, and constituted an entirecategoryof selectionforthe most recentWhitneyMuseum biennial exhibition.

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I had to figure it out on my own. Invitation for PicturesArtists Space, Equally importantfor mypurposes,picture,in its verbform, can referto a mentalprocess as well as the productionof an aestheticobject.

Disco makes writing impossible. There is a huge interest in memoir.