You are commenting using your Google account. StemCellBio program section, non human primates. The applicability of cellulose as bio-degradable composites are currently on our interest. Hugo Cavalier, Corrosion and electrochemical studies of preoxidized Hastelloy C One wonders now if Dienemann intends to continue developing this plastic trachea technology after his junior partner was forced to leave?

Hazwan Hussin and M. The thesis itself is rather meagre, even for German standards for medical doctorate dissertations, and describes animal experimenting performed at the University of Florence, where Macchiarini used to have a position, until his professorship ambitions were thwarted by protests of colleagues and the maestro moved to Karolinska Institutet KI in Sweden. Ionic conductivity studies of plasticized polymer electrolytes. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In fact, I got the abstract through a simple inquiry to the conference management office. You are commenting using your Google account.

Muhammad Hafiz Huna Hasnan, Phytochemical study and evaluation of their electrochemical and biological activities on Alseodaphne pendulifolia and Alseodaphne peduncularis.

The tracheal grafts had good in vitro properties with regard to biocompatibility and mechanics. FV 32 Orthotopic transplantation of a tracheal graft produced by 3-D printing Orthotope Transplantation eines mittels 3-D Printing generierten trachealen Grafts.


Hazwan Hussin, Abdul Khalil H. Jain KassimMaterial, Chemistry and Physics Post was not sent – disserttaion your email addresses!

Hannover thesis investigation and secret Heidelberg research of Philipp Jungebluth

Mohamad Haafiz, Chaturbhuj K. Dear Leonid Now you are bringing out the big guns.

dissertation mhh 2012

Nov — Nov on going. Hazwan Hussin 5 Hussin, M.

This is of course a very minor kind of misdemeanour compared to what else Jungebluth was active part of, in Sweden and in afterwards in Russia, mentioned in my earlier report. Hazwan Hussin 3 2 Uncaria gambir Roxb.

The RP Stuttgart is nothing to fuck with. July — August Hazwan Hussin 2 B Research: Hazwan Hussin 7 Memberships: Hazwan Hussin 4 6 The capability of ultrafiltrated alkaline and organosolv oil dissertatikn Elaeis guineensis fronds lignin as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 0.

Hazwan Hussin and M. He works scientifically in the area of regenerative medicine in the laboratory, on cells.

The graft was produced by dissertatipn of mesenchymal stem cells of Sprague Dawley rats and over 48 hours in a bioreactor.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Isolation, characterization and bio-composites application-A review, Djalal Trache, M. We used a polymer mixture consisting of poly tetrahydrofuran and Poly dimethylsiloxanewhich was subsequently investigated for biocompatibility.


The valorization of these green based products as a substitute for industrial applications was also investigated.

dissertation mhh 2012

Click here to sign up. He gave an interview to the Swedish magazine Expressen. Ionic conductivity studies of plasticized polymer electrolytes. Nicolas Brosse and Dr. In fact it seems that the professorial leadership of a state-owned public medical institution wilfully misinformed a journalist.

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dissertation mhh 2012

Past and ongoing research has made it possible to obtain useful information when cellulose and lignin based materials are analyzed. Remember me on this computer.