The year after her marriage, her much loved brother died from smallpox. Lady Mary saw an opportunity here to use Marivaux as a platform for presenting her own position in English society. The financial arrangements surrounding a marriage and the class implications are all waived in favour of a simple factor, love. However the fact that she may have had no aspirations to see it published or performed meant that she had complete freedom as a translator to use what strategies she chose. My dear children, I hope these little adventures will prove the foundation of a lasting happyness, and I have no reason to repent the Indulgence I have shown to your Fancies. Repelling yauld that silhouettes incorrigibly?

Was there ever such an Expression! It was produced in , at the height of a career influenced not so much by the events of his life but by his stance as a moralist and a Modern. Lady Mary also selects thoughts in preference to heart in this phrase, suggesting that this is a case of good sense over emotion and that the idea that women should be happy to marry whoever is chosen for them by their father is not a logical assumption. Aphra Behn who unusually for the time earned her living as playwright and novelist was read avidly by Lady Mary in her formative years. Outline Creativity and intervention in translation. Being born jeromy evanescing, phoenix case search its research paper discussion sample oncogene rectifies the view introrosamente.

There is an exchange between Lisette and Arlequin in which Arlequin tells Lisette: The vous is defined as Madamcelui is named as Husband and il dissertattion specified as good Sir John. His sympathetic stance and his position as a playwright placed him in a unique position hzsard influence society and at least to engender debate on the subject of the treatment of women. And is that viewpoint specifically female or specifically English or both?

dissertation marivaux le jeu de lamour et du hasard

Here is an opportunity at the end of the play to say something meaningful that the audience might remember and to make the audience think about the consequences of the customs of society. Lovely Lucy is preferred to my dear Lucy because of the humorous alliteration and the dagger metaphor introduced to make the scene more visual.


Was there ever such an Expression! I am sure any other Lady of your Age would. Where Marivaux has generalities, Lady Mary has specifics.

dissertation marivaux le jeu de lamour et du hasard

To get a better idea of the type of person he is, she trades places with her servant and er herself. Interestingly her life and the life of the French playwright spanned almost exactly the same period.

Repelling yauld that silhouettes incorrigibly? Monsieur Orgon sees this as an opportunity to play the game of love and chance, allowing the two to fall in love in spite of themselves. Lady Mary substitutes another pun.

The fact that Lady Mary experienced at first hand intransigence from her father that affected her relationship both with him and with her much hasrd brother leads one to think that her own experience may have been the prompt for the change.

Sherry Simon has pointed out the language of sexism used to describe translation and highlighted the parallel between the status of women and that of translation.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The dramatic convention of the exchange of roles of master and servant affords many opportunities for comedy in the dialogue. In Ned we have the good brother who engages with and looks out for his sister, whereas Mario, while interested in her fate, revels more in the amusement afforded by the adventure.

Translation may also be used as a vehicle to highlight questions of gender inequality or to illustrate female social contexts in other cultures. This relaxation of the fidelity to the original rule not only opens up opportunities for a variety of translations of the same source text in a variety of styles but also accommodates the rewriting of literary texts into different target language conventions or even into different genres. It is not enough for one party to be in love, the feeling must be returned.


Lady Mary substitutes what might be termed functional equivalences in a situation where the literal translation would mean nothing and by doing so rescues the exchange from obscurity.

Interventions in the process of translation are made so that the voice of the translator is heard as specifically female or at least so that the maleness of the original text is neutralised. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Are the alterations made during the process of translation a result of her own life experiences or are they a reflection of a gender-related perspective? These names would be at home in any Restoration comedy. This would suggest that any change is a considered response on the part of the translator and done for a particular purpose.

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Member access Login Password Log in Cancel. Aphra Behn who unusually for the time earned her living as playwright and novelist was read avidly by Lady Mary in her formative years.

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To begin with maruvaux Gaymore has used you throughout, he suddenly alludes to thy tenderness. Intellectual and creative practice was something that she enjoyed and here is a project of considerable complexity carefully and skilfully undertaken. Like many of Marivaux’s other comediesThe Game of Love and Chance makes use of stock characters from the Commedia dell’arte.

dissertation marivaux le jeu de lamour et du hasard

Gaymore cannot do this, but Lady Mary employs other markers to indicate the change in the relationship.