This was also observed by Gama-Rodrigues et al. This means that cacao can be produced economically unshaded with adequate management practices and water and nutrient replenishment. When it is multiplied via seeds, initially it displays an orthotropic growth pattern exhibiting cycles of leaf flushings, in which the phyllotaxy is alternate Vogel, In contrast, ABA levels of the flower increase significantly before abscission, while most of the increase in ethylene production occurs simultaneously with abscission Aneja et al. Moreover the Cocoa’s council has already contribute to the equipment and supplies to the Ministry of Health to reinforce their capacity to protect cocoa producers and make sure that if a case appears, they would be able to react immediately so this won’t spread.

Iserentant , comparing the effects of removal of all leaves of cacao seedlings in stages equivalent to F-1 and I-2 of the flushing cycle, verified the break of apical dormancy after the defoliation in both stages and concluded that quiescence in seedlings was due to correlative inhibition instead of a true dormancy. Specifically in regions with low access to inorganic fertilizers, the multistrata plantation is used to maintain soil fertility with the subsequent increase in nutrient availability for cacao Isaac et al. Traditionally cropped cacao varieties belong to three main groups named Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario , according to morphology and genetic characteristics and geographical origins Bartley, It appears that this phase in cacao seedlings can be initiated by the competition for nutrients between the apex and the developing leaves of the flush. These hormonal responses occur before the interaction pollinic tube-ovule suggesting the existence of an incompatibility system influenced by auxin Hasenstein and Zavada, The increase of indoleacetic acid IAA levels in the cacao ovary as a result of pollination and fertilization Baker et al. Annual Report, Cocoa Res.

According to Leite and Cadima Zevallosthe elevation and residence of the water table promote the increase and maintenance of humidity levels above the subsurface of the disseetation, a zone in which the cacao root system concentrates in traditional cacao cropping areas.

Soil flooding decreases leaf area, stomatal conductance and photosynthetic rates in addition to inducing formation of lenticels and adventitious roots.


dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Evidence for dissertatio sterility. The inefficient use of water low water-use efficiency, WUE at low RH probably would cause water deficit in shoots under conditions of limited soil water supply Sena Gomes et al.

The distribution of fine, medium and coarse roots followed the same patterns, that is, in the two-pipe plots they were distributed along the two sides of the pipes.

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How to cite this article. Leite, ; unpublished results.

On the other hand, the effects triggered by dry periods followed by rain on the apical bud activity seem to occur through modifications of the ABA: With shade management practices cacao production coe increase during the first decade and thereafter stabilizes Rosenberg and Marcotte, Up to the moment that the leaf blade becomes completely green, it thickens and becomes rigid with a pronounced cuticle, and both vivoire stem: Perpendicularly to the planting line a clear root displacement towards the dripping pipe was observed.

Climatic changes exert outstanding effects in the flush cycle, an important determinant factor of yield Almeida et al.

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In such areas, growth would be adversely affected as a result of stomatal closure and, consequently, a reduction of A is to be expected. Content of these pigments fluctuates during leaf expansion total content of phenols remains high and that of anthocyanins decreases with dissettation.

According to Alvimin most cacao producing areas leaf emission begins following the first rains after a dry period. In 4-d-old leaves, stomata are found only in the midribs, primary lateral and minor veins, while only those of the midribs are completely developed and can open. Soria JN Principal varieties of cocoa cultivated in tropical America. The fact that GA 3 applied to NF leaves in the F-2 stage does not promote a reduction effect on the duration of the apex dormancy period reinforces the hypothesis that the apical dominance, at this stage, is due to competition by nutrients instead of the presence of hormonal inhibitors in the leaves Abo-Hamed et al.

The genus Theobroma represents an atypical example of an ovarian auto-incompatibility system, quite different from most vegetal incompatibility systems in nature de Nettancourt, In a shade and fertilizer trial conducted with Amazon cacao over a year period in Ghana, yield of heavily shaded plots were about half those under the non-shade treatment Ahenkorah et al.


dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

These external locations of phenolic compounds can work as a chemical protective barrier against damages promoted by environmental factors Alemanno et al.

It is cropped under the shade of forest trees or as a monocrop without shade. Using a simulation model, Zuidema et al.

Studies done under greenhouse conditions have shown that cacao seedlings, as for many tropical woody species, have alternative phases of root and shoot growth Taylor and Em, Annual Report on Cacao Research.

It is, however, infrequently cultivated because of its high susceptibility to diseases Soria, You are commenting using your WordPress. This condition is maintained during leaf expansion until they enter the stage period of fast greening beginning of stage I-1when the stem: Alvim PT Cacao.

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The capacity of a tree to absorb water and nutrients depends, among other factors, of fine root dynamics mortality rates and regrowth of fine roots as well as its variation in time. Under SI, younger leaves PF1 of the flush showed photosynthetic rates significantly higher than both the oldest leaves of PF2 middle age leaves and PF3 old leaves Machado and Hardwick, Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario that vary according to morphology, genetic and geographical origins.

Therefore, expectations are strong for the inclusion of China and India in the chocolate consumption market. The increase of divoiee acid IAA levels in the cacao ovary as a result of pollination and fertilization Baker et al.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Also, there are inter- and intra-specific variations for the orthotropic growth pattern Batista and Alvim, ; Garcia and Nicolella, In this case, the role of ABA seems to be in maintaining rather than initiating apical bud quiescence Abo-Hamed et al. She answers to the question of a potential rise again of the price.