Essentially this involves providing information to both staff, but especially to students, on various aspects like practicality in choice of research project, methodology including sample size, possible problems that might be encountered, proposal writing, etc. The embargo period will start from the date of Library Committee meeting. International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. Embargo requests and renewals will be reviewed during Library Committee meeting and the requester will be notified of the approval by email. Please also see tips on how to provide good feedback.

They make an important contribution to the vitality of the Faculty’s research culture and to its outstanding reputation internationally. The digital repository contains currently, more than Copyright of dissertations rests with the author. If you require further help in locating or obtaining a copy of a dissertation or thesis, contact the Library Services Desk. Many students publish parts of their research after the award of their degree or en route to it.

dissertation guidelines uom faculty of education

Further distribution or reproduction favulty any format is prohibited without prior permission of the author. The General Regulations for University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Awards, the course regulations and bye-laws as well as the regulations and bye-laws for Doctoral Degrees are available here. All print theses and dissertations are to be consulted within the Library premises and cannot be borrowed.

The PhD Dissertation The main purpose of the PhD is to prepare a substantial piece of original research which makes a significant contribution to learning.

Dissertation proposal guidelines – ShadowVox

Raelene Galea RmAcquisitions office Library Fculty CD should also include an excel file with the list of student names and their corresponding ETD code, email address and dissertation title. Aims of the dissertation: Upon passing the viva, students are formally registered for the PhD.


dissertation guidelines uom faculty of education

The Universal Index of Doctoral Dissertations in progress. For further information please visit our open day webpage Research Community We currently have over PhD students in the Faculty of Education from more than 40 countries. The letter must be signed by the requester student edcuation, the dean, head of department and dissertation supervisor.

dissertation guidelines uom faculty of education

In problematic cases the chairperson teams up to further discuss and helps reach a decision. For further information please visit our open day webpage.

Embargoes may be lifted or extended by submitting an Embargo Renewal Form at least two months before the existing embargo expiry date.

Copyright Copyright of dissertations rests with the author. Copyright of dissertations rests with the author.

The DTC aims to provide stimulating training facultg support that encourages students to engage in internationally competitive research. This committee oversees and strives to ensure the smooth running of many things connected with undergraduate dissertations. If your topics have not been selected by any student, you will still be allocated a student from any degree programme. This Department also includes foreign dissertations of Maltese interest.

PhD in Education Programme

Manage dissertation topics Filter by student or staff and view selected topics Launch application. Proposal vetting is the major workload undertaken by this committee.

The committee also issues periodic notices and reminders to staff and students. PhD in Education Programme. About research at Cambridge. Problems which crop up unexpectedly during the research years are also tackled by the committee.


The reasons for shifting from the print to the electronic were various. Students are expected to produce a comprehensive nine-page literature review on a topic with supervision. Supervisor dissertation topics form Choose the topics for your second year dissertation students Complete the form. Manage meeting form Update or amend meeting forms for second year dissertations Launch application.

The digital repository contains currently, more than Study at Cambridge Undergraduate Graduate International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. These copies are arranged on shelves by:. Over the years it has proved necessary to meet with individual students and occasionally guidelinex supervisors to discuss issues specific to particular dissertations.

E-Theses & Dissertations

Literature searching to research a specific scientific topic Interpretation and analysis of scientific literature Scientific writing to enable production of educaiton comprehensive literature review Allow students to explore in depth a topic that is of interest to them Guidelines for supervisors Please download and read the full set of Dissertation Guidelines.

The UM retains the right to indefinitely terminate access to this service to any users in cases of misuse. Depending on popularity of topics and topic selection, a small percentage of students may not be allocated any one of their chosen eight topics.