Due entry of the books or instruments to be there in the register countersigned by the staff in-charge. Diseases of pulp and sequel of pulpitis. Willingness to adopt, after a critical assessment, new methods and techniques of orthodontic management, developed from time to time based on scientific research, which are in the best interest of the patient. Microbial infections of oral cavity. Wolf, Edith M,Klaus H. Hypersensitivity — theories, causes and management.

Information for Transfer students Non-degree seeking students Military students International students Parents Returning students. Topic Staff Signature Name: Weekly seminars, journal and case discussions will be conducted in the department on rotation basis for the PG students. The synopsis of dissertation should be submitted on or before the end of first six months from the date of admission. Clinical examination of at least 2 patients representing the community — includes history, main complaints, examination and recording the findings, using indices for the assessment of oral health and presentation of the observation including diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning. Non- neoplastic disorders of salivary glands. The course is unique in its synthesis of academic and creative research, combining theory and practice through a rigorous, practice-based program.

Resorptions and its management.


The dissertation shall be referred to the Examiners for the MOS examination The actual format of clinical examination in various specialities. Trainees shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the postgraduate guide.


dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Protocol for dissertation to be submitted on or dissettation the end of six months from the date of admission. Approach Topics to be covered as seminars. Basic spot welding exercises 7.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Cysts and tumors of odontogenic origin. Dentistry for the Adolescent — Castaldi and Brass Transplantation of Teeth 7. Teaching Skills All the trainees shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programmes either in the form of lectures or group discussions. Applied Basic Sciences I.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Pendulum appliance 99 7. Osteology of skull, zygomatic bone, maxilla, mandible, frontal, temporal, occipital in detail including ossification.

The value of computer based systems in biomedical equipment. Willingness to adopt, after a critical assessment, new methods and techniques guidelinse orthodontic management, developed from time to time based on scientific research, which are in the best interest of the patient. Current concepts in the management of craniofacial anomalies. Dental caries — epidemiology, recent concepts of etiological factors, pathophysiology, Histopathology, diagnosis, caries activity tests, prevention of dental caries and management — recent methods.

Tongue, salivary glands, tonsil, thymus and lymph nodes. Endodontic radiology — digital technology in Endodontic practice. Culture medium and culturing technique Aerobic and anaerobic interpretation and antibiotic sensitivity test.


Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Management of medically compromised patients with renal disease. Clinical Pedodontics — Sydney B. Mixed dentition analysis — 1 case. Principles of extraction, indications and contraindications, types of extractions, complications and their management, principles of elevators and elevators used in oral surgery.


Basic wire bending exercises.

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Periodontal ligament — development, structure, function and clinical consideration. New York State Dental Journal The Journals pertaining to other specialties related to pediatric dentistry should be referred and noted. Central nervous system guidekines Organization of CNS, synapse receptors, reflexes, sensations and tracts. Exercise Wire bending technique on 0. Examination on minor oral surgical procedures – one paper of three hours duration to be conducted by the college.

Full crown anterior 2 or 3 to be processed – 04 – 06 9. Viva — Voce Examination Viva — Voce Examination shall aim at assessing depth of knowledge, logical reasoning, confidence and verbal communication skills. This performance should be evaluated from assessment by the faculty members of the department and from feedback from the undergraduate students See Model checklist 5, Section IV iv Periodic tests: Approach Didactic lectures on biostatistics and discussion on research methodology by eminent researchers.