The system is capable of displaying these relationships. In addition to this, the development of reconfigurable machine tools can increase capacity flexibility in the future. If both employees and managers do not undergo any training measures, i. The main contribution of this thesis is an adapted business process with its building blocks. As the basis for an IT system, this paper develops an information flow concept designed to increase transparency for offshore wind energy logistics networks, derives relevant installation and logistics concepts, tests them as prototypes and then incorporates them into standard processes. Rapid progress in the field of 3D sensor technology and artificial intelligence has made it possible to develop cognitive and flexible robotic systems that do not require predefined and constant environmental conditions, therefore enabling robots to react to unforeseen events. In addition, the various indicators for the respective actors in the company can be controlled and influenced to different degrees.

A final discussion aims to show the need for further research on this subject. Based on the results, savings of about 43 percent of the total related economic and environmental costs are proved comparing to the actual situation at the tested cases. The very well-trained workforce naturally goes primarily to those companies that can pay “better” and then offer “other” amenities. It is dedicated to the analysis and planning of training measures, the learning process, learning success, learning transfer and the level of organisational development. In SMEs in particular, IT is often seen as a separate support process that does nothing to contribute to the added valne of the business.

The result is the development of a comprehensive procedure for the successful integration of status-based maintenance methods in complex operational environments, which is tested in a case study using port handling equipment as an example. M H Controlilng Hassanien Author. This thesis presents a method of manufacturing control, which considers the broadened contrlling structure of manufacturing control in CPPS.

Family and traditional companies in the SME sector are the only companies in this sector disserttation can enjoy conttrolling long-term workforce.

At present, existing solutions for supply chain models focus primarily on the manufacturing industry, rather than on the entire supply chain, as they do not incorporate the processes of the mining industry.


Synchronization theory offers applicable methods for this purpose. Modelling of supply chain processes in the mineral raw materials industry from the perspective of EM, SCOR and DCOR models Process Modell in the mining industry At present, existing solutions for supply chain models focus primarily on the manufacturing industry, rather than on the entire supply chain, as they do not incorporate the processes of the mining industry.

Against this background this thesis discusses the potentials and limitations of such machines when it comes to controlling capacity in a job shop production. This presupposes clarity as to what is actually to be achieved through further training.

In their machining departments, both automated NC programming and continual optimization processes for cutting strategies promise a great potential for efficiency enhancement. The basic knowledge is laid in the initial training, but e. In SMEs, the success of company cooperation is determined by its employees’ ability to cooperate. By methodical control of interference factors, companies are able to realise ramp-up goals in regard to time, cost, quality and quantity.

A corresponding expansion of the established approach to the knowledge of nature leads to a variety of innovative lightweight designs, expanding the potential for highly effective constructions. To achieve this, ITIL offers a range of flexible tools and processes that have proved themselves in practice.

If it is possible to scale the processes, roles and documentation appropriately, SMEs can also benefit. Two planning tools recommendations for planning and process chain comparison have been proposed as a solution during research activities.

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Integrierte Planung von Produktions- und Transportprozessen mittels gemischt-ganzzahliger Optimierung Integrated production and transport scheduling by mixed-integer programming Optimal coordination of production and transport operations In industry, nowadays, production planning and transport planning are done separately, while the related physical processes within a supply chain are closely linked with each other.

This overarching concept enables modules to be developed and used contrlling an integrative and comprehensive manner, thus reducing the number of isolated solutions.

It develops planning and control methods for multi-stage, simultaneous batch productions with stage-specific order families. Untersuchung der Dynamik von selbststeuernden Prozessen in produktionslogistischen Systemen anhand ereignisdiskreter Simulationsmodelle In: Currently available recycling processes are not able to identify and separate this mixture of plastics.


The implementation of autonomous logistic processes in production systems is capable of improving logistic target achievement in connection with increasing complexity.

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In this context, shorter delivery times represent a significant competitive advantage compared to other companies. In nature the evolution has created mature constructional principles which can serve as models for technical lightweight constructions.

It is clear that these different definitions of success require different instruments and approaches.

Several theoretical models have been developed to solve this task. This research develops a green logistics oriented framework in the case of the batch process industry in which we integrate the tactical and operational levels of planning and scheduling.

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Education must be long-term – the company must set its goals long-term – plan its products and services long-term – plan its finances long-term, etc.

Thereby, major challenges of CFRP production engineering controllimg considered and an eight-level modeling concept called GRA MOSA was developed which allow the management of alternative production scenarios by supporting manufacturing as well as logistics planning.


Critical routes were defined in PERT networks, and the uncertainty of the compliance with a specific delivery date was calculated by means of a combination of stochastic and mathematical models.

In order to handle this hardly predictable factor, managers must be able to know, and, if possible, monitor and control, its causes, influences and effects.

This is why even small organisations who want to survive in the long term need to have all the functions of value-adding IT service management.

The continuing training market had a volume of approximately EUR 6.

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The focus of this investigation is different design choices and hyperparameters and their influence on the overall detection result. Competition disseration the automobile industry forces the tool and die shops into a continual optimization process. These and other factors have led to the transfer of controlling thinking to the education sector.