We absolutely adore this school. Absolutely love this school! Which would be the better option? It would make sense to switch from the UK curriculum to the US for grade 9 year 10 in the UK system so that your son completes the full 4 years in High School. However, the CBSE curriculum is also evolving.

He is currently a happy normal Year 5, speaking English as first language and excelling every term in his marks which was good from the start given the circumstances. Will she be subject to examination, or her previous academic records will substantiate for her admission? However, JAPS is due to relocate to a new site on the Emirates Road next September, so you may want to bear this in mind in terms of the logistics. However, the schools may be able to assist you with appropriate learning for your daughters and I would suggest that you contact each directly. There are an extremely small number of Tier 1 dedicated Primary schools in Dubai — all are over-subscribed. My daughter has slit down syndrome, she is in al Muna school in Abu Dhabi British, we are moving to Dubai, looking for British or ok schools with an inclusion department, my budget aed

Hi Aiesha, Check out the following article: Many friends recommend JAPS because it is smaller, closer and has a very good reputation.

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Students are not usually permitted to join in grades 10 year 11 and 12 year 13 equivalent. Most people considering a US curriculum would normally evaluate it against IB. There is little more nerve wracking then dropping your little one at nursery for the firs….

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In our view, Victory Heights Des School is already operating as an outstanding school. Since your daughter has such a clear focus, enrolling her in a UK curriculum school where she would be able to narrow her focus for A Levels in the final two school years may well make sense.

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I have 2 daughters that attend American schools, one in in Grade 10 but I am not fully convinced regarding the quality of education she receives. Hi, My kid will be turning to 4 years on August 16,I want to know if he will be eligible to get admission for academic year You may wish to contact some of the Indian curriculum schools to confirm this, but my understanding is that there is little if any flexibility.


There is just so much to like about this school and to admire in the achievements of both its owners and Headteacher, who are clearly working in unison. The Admissions policies vary between schools, but I would expect that your daughter will need to sit an entrance test. My two kids 5,8 studying vess grade 1 and 4 are currently studying in viss Sharjah.

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If you are currently researching a school for your child, note that Dubai’s Outstanding and Very Good schools have traditionally been run at or near capacity although with increasing competition this is less the case than at any time in the past.

Fees, running from 35, AED to 48, AED, are low-end premium — but this is a high performing, premium school ohmework we do not have an issue with ROI for those parents who can afford the fees. It is also worth stating at the outset that des the course of seven major visits to the school since its launch our team of journalists have never been less than impressed:.

You will find that there are many more UK curriculum schools in Dubai than US and it would be very important to check on the accreditation of the US curriculum schools that you investigate. For the choice between curricula I would also consider where your child will continue schooling when you leave the UAE.

Your daughter would need to be 14 years old by 31st August to be able to join this year group. We absolutely adore this school. This is NOT about second or third best.

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Your best option is probably to stay within the US curriculum but to seek a school that is either already accredited or at least part way through the accreditation process which usually takes years. We sensed that there is a genuine respect between the teachers hkmework Ms. Most Canadian families favour the US curriculum as an alternative, although some feel that the UK curriculum is more rigourous.


My kid will be turning to 4 years on August 16,I want to homewoek if he will be eligible to get admission for academic year In this guide we tell you not only which schools are the highest performing overall, but how to break that down so that a ranking can be made meaningful for your child. We aim to have it on the site within the next weeks.

dess dubai homework

Login as a Teacher Parent School Contact. Problems in the later school years spring from what has been overlooked and not dealt with at the early stages. The health, safety and welfare of students was given a high priority. We believe that every child, in hkmework own way, is dubsi of learning — and capable of succeeding.

Hi This is Suzanne I transferred with my son from Canada to Dubai, I am looking for a good equivalent curriculum to Canada’s one My son is going to grade 7 and I need your advise to the best school hojework has outstanding certificate specially in mathEnglish and science Is it good to join a UK curriculum then transfer him into US one when he is in grade 10, since I am looking to teach him in Canada after grade 12 Please adivice me.

In this article we have leaned heavily on the DSIB reports, so it is important to understand how they are done. If you are currently researching schools, you want to read our guide to getting into a good school in the UAE. And he’s currently studying in Indian Circulim so he isn’t that great in studies I have twin boys 7years with different academic abilities and interests.