The six standing columns are joined by an entablature decorated with a frieze of bulls and lions’ heads connected by garlands. Conservation work at Lebanon’s historic sites began in October. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes. Rulers of the Ayyubid dynasty. While the Baalabak is known primarily in the west as the site of the famous Roman ruins, in the Middle East the ruins are called “The Castle”.

Material from the ruins is incorporated into a ruined mosque north of downtown [] and probably also in the Qubbat Duris on the road to Damascus. Originally surrounded by 54 external columns, most of these now lie in fragments on the ground. Archaeological sites in Lebanon. Ultimately, the site vied with Praeneste in Italy as the two largest sanctuaries in the Western world. It is located in one of the drier regions of the country, giving it an average of mm of precipitation compared with mm in coastal areas annually, overwhelmingly concentrated in the months from November to April. An altar was set in the center of this court in the tradition of the biblical Semitic high places. Camulodunum Lindum Colonia Londinium.

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The etymology of Baalbek has been debated indecisively [18] since the 18th century. Colonies of Ancient Rome.

These substructures supported the porticos and exedrae around the Court and were used for stables and storage. The rectangular Great Court to its west covers around 3 or 4 acres 1.


baalbei The complex of the Great Temple has four sections: Subscribe Now For Unrestricted Access 1 month The sherd featured cuneiform letters. It was constructed of stones from the neighboring temple of Mercury.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

The Shiites of Lebanon under Ottoman Rule, — Riyadh seeks private money for Red Sea tourism. Get your children vaccinated or face fine: Previous to its more recent western romantic appeal, especially nurtured by the 19th century British on the extended ‘Grand Tour’ it was fought over frequently and decisively during the Crusades.

Comments submitted by third parties on this site are the sole responsibility of the individual s whose content is submitted. The LevantHalden: Legendary actress and singer Doris Day dead at It was granted to the eunuch Ata al-Khadim[18] who also served as viceroy of Damascus.

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Material from the ruins is incorporated into a ruined mosque north of downtown [] and probably also in the Qubbat Duris on the road to Damascus. The Temple of Bacchus —once wrongly credited to Jupiter [] [m] —may have been completed under Septimius Severus in the s, as his coins are the first to show it beside the Temple of Jupiter.

Its design and size, as well as its orientation towards the Great Temple, set it apart from the other Baalbeck temples.

The tallest retaining wall, on the west, has a second course of monoliths containing the famous ” Three Stones ” Greek: Dhali Kition Larnaca Lapathus Marion. The Wu-Tang Clan, hip hop legends who hustled past the struggle.

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The entrance structure has towers at either end and is fronted by 12 granite columns. Roof sculpture, supposedly of Cleopatra.


The 6th-century chronicles of John Malalas of Antiochwhich claimed Baalbek as a ” wonder of the world “, [62] credited most of the complex to acstle 2nd-century Antoninus Piusbut it is uncertain how reliable his account is on the point.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

On the basis of its similar name, several 19th-century Biblical archaeologists attempted to connect Baalbek to the ” Baalgad ” mentioned in the Hebrew Scripture ‘s Book of Joshua[28] the Baalath listed among Solomon ‘s cities in the First Book of Kings[29] [30] the Baal-hamon where he had a vineyard[31] [4] descrptive the “Plain of Aven” in Amos.

The Hexagonal Forecourt Three doors lead to the Hexagonal Forecourt where 30 granite columns originally supported the entablature. Under a white dome further towards town is the tomb of Kholat, daughter of Hussein and granddaughter of Ali, who died in Baalbek while Husayn’s family was being transported as prisoners to Damascus.

The Great Court Built in the 2nd century A.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

Archaeological sites in Lebanon. It is the capital of Baalbek-Hermel Governorate. Conservation work at Lebanon’s historic sites began in October. We invite all our readers to share with us dfscriptive views and comments about this article.

This approach to the sanctuary through a series of defined spaces was an apparent oriental adaptation.