The Communist Party of the Philippines CPP has been described as “the most sophisticated Marxist-Leninist organisation still waging a full- blown armed rebellion anywhere in the world. The ikan besar is perhaps a metaphor for a monster, anything of immense size and power, who seeks to reduce all wills to one will. Why do you preoccupy yourself with this fish? How to cite this page Choose cite format: In a simple but clear manner, the film mirrored the social and political crisis during the dictatorship that gave rise to a surging mass movement and a burgeoning revolutionary movement. Get access to our huge, continuously updated knowledge base The next update will be in:. I don’t know if you can still talk about the final hegemony of proletarian culture.

For an interesting discussion of the consequences of Spanish colonialism on sexuality and gender in the Lowland Visayas, see Blanc-Szanton The literary analyses of Dekada ’70 of which I am aware are those of Garcel- lano ; Reyes ; Kintanar In the first chapter, Amanda gives us a critical analysis of her husband’s and her own family background and her position within it: It includes the study not only of printed texts but also of oral traditions and other means by which knowledge is articulated. In traditional Philippine print literature and even in oral traditions, the seductive and sexual female is usually young and unmarried. Philip- pine Folklore Society. When this was suspended during the s, it basically allowed people to be detained without insurance that he will have his day in court, thereby depriving him of the due process of the law.

Indeed, for Amanda, and for most people, there is immanent tension between tradition and dekxda or militancy. Most official party documents are written in English. Several people have asked me whether or not Dekada ‘jo is autobiographical, if I am Amanda Bartolome who is the focus of interest in the whole novel.


He called for peaceful evolution, change in the form of expression. They were strengthen by their beliefs and their different outlooks in life leading them the way to the road of impending struggles. I noticed that about all of the determinations in their house were from her hubby.

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But what about your child? I dekxda merely as witness, to my husband’s search for fulfill- ment of his ambitions, as witness to the growth of my children and the discov- ery of their strength and worth as men.

Can’t find What you were Looking for? A couple of years ago, an independent commission were created to address extrajudicial killings of media personnel and activists.

I am afraid of the prospect of leaving this world without leaving any mark, without having done anything. What I cannot understand is the participation of young people like my Jules, to whom a beautiful and prosperous future is guaranteed. It is disheartening to note that until now, summary executions also known as extra judicial killings still take place.

dekada 70 essay

The original national anthem, which is sung in public ceremonies, ends with Ang mamatay ng dahil sa yo! She stands up, not just as a mother to her children, but as a woman, highly conscious and in dekxda with the many others defending and fighting for the interests of the mother country’s sons and daughters.

Edkada confronted their son about them, and he had to admit his decision. Each ikan besar is danger. For the Philippines, the seventies was more than just a period of shaggy hair, bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, and disco music.

dekada 70 essay

I think my recommendation here is that. She constructs an alternative heroine who is not merely going to “die for,” but shall “kill for,” independence. Our narrator, Amanda Bartolome, mother to five sons, is painfully aware of this powerlessness in a family where her husband makes all the decisions. Urban-poor characters like Mara, who have not had the privi- lege of an English-language education and are not part of an English- speaking social circle, think and speak only in 700. I believe in this quotation mark.


dekada 70 essay

Within the standard rhetoric of nationalism, the most dom- inant trope contested by feminists is the image of the “woman martyr. I hope no one will be angry with me but I keep thinking.

Its Ori- gins and Dreams. And it is in this place viewing audiences are taken for a brief drive through this disruptive clip in Philippine history.

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Essays on the Filipino State and Politics. Only the militant Left appeared to offer some way out” By Mary Jane Rodriguez-Tatel.

The important implied esday is class: Skip to main content. One of these friends of Jules is Domeng who stayed with the family for some time while recuperating from an injury.

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It is important to read and listen to the concealed voices of powerless women, for these voices give a radically different account of po- litical representation, nationalism and other social movements in the Phil- ippines.

The politically-charged scenes are strident enough to be visually disturbing, yet tempered enough to work on a more psychological level. Philippine Protest Poetry,