The cuts may hit areas other than languages, where you seem to have a strong emphasis. Thank you for your question. Read press releases, watch live and archived video Find out more. We need to make sure that people who are furthest removed from services are not more greatly impacted. It dcal a big question, and, in fairness to you, you need to ask the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment that question.

In addition, Waterways Ireland has, over its lifetime, considerably expanded the inland waterway network. Thank you very much, Minister, for the presentation. We need to try to exploit that better and exploit better opportunities to lever European funds. In turn, it can plan dcal what we have to say, on the basis of the proposals it may make. Minister, even in today’s discussions where priorities are concerned, there has been quite a strong emphasis on languages. Dial-in conferencing access numbers are the numbers participants call to join a conference.

Dial plans are sets of normalization rules that specify the plan and pattern of digits in a planand translate the phone number into the standard E. People in voluntary organisations, whom you seem to rely on a lot in your sector, will now have to take their pension on the balance sheet.

We recently brought the chairs and chief executives of all the ALBsnot necessarily because of their financial plan but because there learn more here a lot of crossover, and many of them dcal plan really good work together and want to explore the potential for business working relationships and work in the future.

I think that there was something that you were —. The Minister has said that very clearly. Considering the size of DCAL in dca, of budget and numbers of staff, I believe it has contributed well in excess bueiness what it would be rationally expected to do.


Will they influence how the cuts will be subjected? Given the Casement Park delay — we all know that a court decision on planning is awaited — and if it gets the go-ahead, are you confident that the budget is there to deliver the project on time? I do have an overarching strategy. I do not think that any of us has the luxury of sitting back and waiting for opportunities to fall in our lap. Are there many more submissions to be made?

I want to know what concrete proposals the Department has for dealing with that. I also see the vibrancy in the Gaeltacht quarter. It has been very realistic. However, the question still remains about some of the bigger cultural and sporting events. I do not want to be disrespectful, but, equally, I think that it is disrespectful to the organisation that you asked about to comment on speculation.

I had meetings as part of the Commonwealth Games and had some first-hand experience of what those hubs look like. On a point of order, Chair. There are certainly things that are inescapable now but that will not necessarily be inescapable in the new CSR.

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Dcal know that our next presentation is from Libraries NI, and a number of us have been lobbied by management, staff, plans and others. The figures that you quoted for libraries are not the figures for the in-year position.

dcal business plan 2015

Dial-in conferencing access numbers are the numbers participants call to join a conference. I read lots of things in the papers, and when I meet the groups that are linked with certain comments, more often than not they are not responsible for those comments at all.


Official Report (Hansard)

I see in the document that you have a commitment to the draft Irish language Act and bringing forward the two strategies — the Irish language and the Ulster-Scots strategy. We have the time so we could, of course, get some more questions.

As the members will be more than aware, the City of Culture was a major success, not just for the city itself but for the wider north-west area, and we are not done yet.

Will I be a strong advocate and a champion?

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Thank you budiness much for the question, a Dhominic. There are also the North West and the Cookstown — you can name a few of the sporting events. I also understand from media reports that it is having meetings with Ministers about rescue packages.

dcal business plan 2015

People are using the golf opens as an example to make a point. Is that fair enough? It is a right rather than a luxury. Maybe you can help me a wee bit on it. I am mindful dcao the present challenges, but we can be proud of what has been achieved thus far. That is businses regrettable. While I am conscious of the potential impact that budget reductions can have on programmes, staff and services, I will continue to ensure that funding is matched to the departmental priorities, and my officials and I will work closely with stakeholders.