This can be done by using the interest rate database file that is available for download. I am looking for a diagram that you can use to discuss risks of contracts not being honoured. This surplus of residential homes could be verified by a simple drive around sprawling suburban areas of American cities where it was apparent that supply was increasing much faster than the overall population. After that, make the same calculation, but add the capacity charges from the Dabhol plant to the revenues and compute the revenue per kWh after the plant is added. Although privatized companies became substantially more efficient, however, these gains were only transferred to customers in areas characterized by competition. If the plant does not make sense should the bank lend money.

A lot of risk analysis depends whether the amounts for these capital expenditure, operating cost and revenue drivers are reasonable. Since the crisis, IPPs and all private infrastructure sectors have been locked in ongoing disputes with the government regarding aggressive policies in the aftermath of the devaluation. I have included a photo of the plant that you can maybe use in benchmarking. Long-term contracts should be allowed as a form of insurance for distributors purchasing from a new spot market. When you perform risk analysis, the question is how to do it on an objective basis. By having three large American companies involved, issues of national pride and the sincerity of economic reform naturally arise

Most of the generating facilities were out-of-service because of tube leaks and casing problems, turbine seal leaks and turbine blade wear, valve failure, pump, and pump motor failures. The first one is like a “baptism” for the country-after that you can use boilerplate documents; people are educated about the process You can use PowerShow.

Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow. Virtually all of the formerly government owned generating capacity was divided into three companies, two of which — National Power and PowerGen — owned power plants that were privatized, while the third was a government owned company that controlled nuclear stations. Indexation did not work; must evaluate macro-economic data. The case studu about project finance risk analysis and contract structuring.


The costs of IPPs were often high because the new capacity was not consistent with the least-cost expansion path and the private sector required high rates of return. Download ppt “Case Studies in Electric Power”.

Any project finance investment includes capital expenditures, operating costs, volumes produced and prices.

Case Studies in Electric Power

The graph of median housing prices in the U. Despite protests to the contrary and the fact that a court would likely find such a failure immaterialthe inability to comply with the requirement eroded the leverage of the Dabhol sponsors in the dispute.

Ergo I suggest the changes to be made to mitigate the risk of an intruder gaining access dabhol the network. These articles may be amusing to read and provide some further background for the case. Maybe there are customs duties; maybe added transmission facilities must be built; maybe labour costs are different.

Dabhol power project case study ppt

The crisis led to fierce debates between people who advocate free markets in electricity and people who argue that market liberalization is bad policy and commentaries on the crisis continue to be influenced by the source of party making the commentary. The focus on production rather than efficient distribution put the public sector in the position of retaining that activity in which it was least effective and restricting the private sector from performing the customer focused activities distribution and supply where it had real expertise.

California Lessons The California power crisis produced the following useful lessons: Another question could relate to the World Bank report — The World Bank issued a report stating that the Dabhol plant is uneconomic. Since the crisis, IPPs and all private infrastructure sectors have been locked in ongoing disputes with the government regarding aggressive policies in the aftermath of the devaluation.

Energy companies seized on loopholes and local shortages to charge prices hundreds of times higher than normal. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Dabhol power plant case study ppt examples – Grand Essay Competition

That has all changed with the California crisis and the financial demise of Enron. Maharashtra government allies demand scrapping the project because of the cost of the power it produces.


dabhol power project case study ppt

You can download these slides by pressing the buttons below. In order to powet protect the company and ensure it maintains compliance with laws and regulations, study management at YieldMore has decided to develop a formal risk management plan.

To evaluate risks of the central PPA contract not being honoured, I would like you to compute the effects of the PPA on the prices charged by the off-taker in this section.

I ppt illustrated a little excerpt from this below. IPPs in the Philippines have exhibited a wide variety of characteristics from fuel choice to the composition of project sponsors and the identity of the offtaker.

They can–through manipulating whether their power plant runs on a particular day, and through manipulating the caee system of biding–dramatically increase the price of power, or dramatically reduce the supply on any given day, which creates an artificial shortage, and then drives up the price power.

In the process of unbundling, the major electric utilities were commercialized — in the case of SEGBA, this process has begun as early as The original round of privatization was very competitive. The presentation can also be viewed at www. One poweg more commercially viable entities must have a legal obligation to provide adequate supplies for Small retail power users who prefer to deal with a default supplier rather than shop around in the market for a supplier and face volatile spot market prices.

Problems with purchasing power parity assumption Large devaluations can occur without inflation rate changes For example, the East Asian Crisis of The venture was deemed so successful that the government was encouraged to enter into more BOT power contracts and even enact the BOT law Republic Act that would allow Napocor to tap the private sector more effectively.

dabhol power project case study ppt