The remnants of Aila produced gusty winds and heavy rains in the eastern Indian state of Meghalaya between May 25 and The cyclone had been christened Aila. I came across the release on the net. The decision to not declare Aila a disaster negatively impacted the amount of international assistance that was made available and has elongated the recovery process and its economic costs surpassing that of Sidr IFRC ; Setu, Hossain, Saha and Rahman Jalais, Annu The Sundarbans:

Since the coastal and off-shore island communities are at an increased risk of harm from cyclones and because these communities have high rates of illiteracy, warning signals should be reviewed and tailored in a way that best address the population. Remember me on this computer. Rainfall amounts peaked at References Alam, Edris, and Andrew E. People commuting from places as far as Kharagpur were also stranded. The Bay of Bengal provides a backdrop for the impacts of two cyclones—Sidr and Aila —that occurred in and , respectively.

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No injuries were reported in the state. Health Outcomes Cyclone Sidr: There still remains a high proportion of individuals that reported receiving no messages prior to cyclone Aila and a number of those exist outside the reach of the cass advances. Archived from the original on May 21, Sub-Categories News and Articles. For more details see the links below. Emergency Capacity Building Project.


Life in Kolkata includes such rapidly building up cyclones, flash floods and water-logging, sans warnings or civic measures. The six listed recommendations are avenues that can be taken to help improve disaster mitigation for those living along the high risk coastal regions.

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Cyclone Aila (2009)

A storm surge of m above tide levels was experienced along the coasts of West Bengal and the adjoining areas of Bangladesh. Additionally the forest stidy under an estimated 2. Specifically, this paper will look at comparisons regarding the role of early warning systems and cyclone shelters during the disasters and the health outcomes of each.

Bangladesh did not appeal for aid after cyclone Aila and the government has expressed a desire to address the problem with its own resources IRIN Click here to view available data for past surge events. It formed as a tropical depression km south of Kolkata on 21st May.

Summers translate to cyclones in these parts, as Bay of Bengal gets subject to extreme heating, giving rise to humid, intense air masses producing cyclones. Hundreds of thousands still homeless three months after cyclone Aila”.


Recommendations Based on the aforementioned lessons learned, recommendations can be made to help improve disaster preparedness and response in Bangladesh and other similar future disasters. Cyclone Sidr and Cyclone Aila: Jalais, Annu The Sundarbans: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on May 31, Click here to sign up. The coastal communities in Bangladesh are largely underdeveloped.

cyclone aila case study geography

Bangladesh has also made an effort to reduce lives lost in regard to cyclones through the use of cyclone shelters. It destroyed sanitation facilities, flooded water supplies with saline, and devastated tubewells; however, out of surveyed households only 52 individuals stury reported as having Sidr-related illnesses Paul, Rahman, and Rakshit Whose World Heritage Site? Lessons for Climate Adaptation?

Cyclone Aila

This wiki site is under development, please help us by adding content. At leastpeople affected by Aila. The Telegraph, Calcutta, 26th May. Populations along the coastal region and off-shore islands are further marginalized due to higher rates of illiteracy, poverty, and social stratification.