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Aug 24, - Get it here: NSFW Punishing Children - Page 2 — The Sims Forums Henrietta. Age: 21. I do have some tatoos and piercings including an amazing tongue piercing Skip to primary content. If you know where to look Sim creator Joker has a fully animated wild sex mod. Ace Darkheart2 years ago. Hey, Badinfos! Have you consider about making funny videos? I mean, your. Darling. Age: 26. ?Fetish friendly ???? Sims 2 are for grownups too May 18, - You can get it here 2 Achievements. If you spank someone, you beat them. However it's done doesn't matter, whether it's a knotted fist, a flat hand, a book, or anything else for that matter. You inflict pain by hitting someone with something, and that's the same as beating someone up. Beating up/spanking a kid is even worse,  Adult babies and spank bench.

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Lynn. Age: 29. Yours, elisabeth marie Jan 6, - Re: Spanking? «Reply #2 on: January 06, , PM».:cheese: Here I was thinking the OP should really be requesting this at Insimadult or Sexysims:wink: Logged. This way you have full customization of how your sim parent or runs the household. Time out (choose between short medium and long); grounded (can't leave house) (choose between 1 2 and 3 days); denied access to a preferred I like this; personally, it would be neat to spank toddlers/kids as well. simmer wrote: I think we should be able to punish our kids in The Sims 3. I think we should be able to 1. Click on the child and click "Punish" 2. Get a few options: i like that idea just to see what it would look like but parents who dont spank would lash out against the sims series:/. 0. Cinderellimouse.


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