MKT — Brand Management. HRM — Human Relations. It can lease a 1. Mid term past papers. Asynchronous time-division multiplexing ATDM is a method of sending information that resembles normal TDM, except that time slots are allocated as needed dynamically rather than preassigned to specific transmitters.

PSY — Health Psychology. MCM — Globalization of Media. Newer Post Older Post. Each cable defined by RG rating is adapted for a specialized function: Broadcast involves sending packets to all nodes on a network simultaneously.

cs601 final term paper 2013

CS — Data Communication. Newer Post Older Post Home.

CS601 Data Communication Midterm and Final Term Papers

CS — Introduction to Programming. Mid term past papers. Since the same data packet can be sent to multiple nodes by sending just one copy of the data, the load of the sender and the overall load of the network are both reduced. Time – division multiplexing TDM is a type of digital or rarely analog multiplexing in which two or more signals or bit streams are transferred apparently simultaneously as sub-channels in one communication channel, but are physically taking turns on the channel.


CS — Data Structures. Time domain plot show changes in signal phase with respect to time. CS — Modern Programming Languages. CS — Computer Fjnal.

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Describe method of checksum briefly? Which of the following is an example of ITU-T modem standards: They are assigned dynamically as needed. PSY — Sport Psychology. ECO — Micro Economics.

CS — System Programming. MGT — Strategic Management. Why do we need Inverse Multiplexing? It can lease a 1. Unidirectional traffic movement is overcome by dual ring technology.

ISL — Islamic Studies. CS — Artificial Intelligence. Three methods can be used to transmit packets over a network: CS — Compiler Construction. The advantages of thin Ethernet are: ECO — Introduction to Economics. Each cable defined by RG rating is adapted for a specialized function: SOC — Introduction to Sociology. If the intended data unit is intact, total value found by adding the data segments and the checksum field should be zero. MGT — Principles of Marketing.


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ACC — Business Finance. CS — Database Management System.

Explain Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing in detail? FIN — Corporate Finance.

cs601 final term paper 2013

Also discuss its advantages over synchronous TDM? CS — Software Engineering — 1.

cs601 final term paper 2013

MCM — Development Communication.