While continuous assessment was observed throughout the five modules as described above, this study reports on statistics on student attendance, the pass and failure rate, and the summative assessment. The primary objective of this research project is to compare and report on different types of navigation schemes, their advantages and disadvantages, and the impact they have on the visibility of a webpage to a search engine crawler. Proceedings of the Bitworld Information literacy from the policy and strategy perspective. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate to what degree cloud computing could improve Project Communications Management and in so doing improve overall project success. The objective of this research is to identify the strategies and measure their popularity among users. The visibility of a Web page plays a role in attracting potential clients,

With cloud computing the applications run on a server on the web. Australian Academic and Research Libraries, 34 1: Research has shown that learners using interactive multimedia material can have a learning advantage over learners receiving classroom-based education. Web Applications and Mobile application development. It was shown during the study that text based sites are easily converted. Bibman developed at the University of the Western Cape is an Access-based personal tool for managing bibliographical data, for use by researchers.

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Comparative analysis of homepage Website visibility and academic rankings for UK universities. For the qualitative component, some parts of a user testing session involved open-ended and perception-based questions.

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The concept of fake news is quite old – a comic strip from shows journalists with a news item bearing this name. These businesses have also foormat some thexis benefits that they have derived from their transformation to Web 2.

Secondly, the human element in website design involves recognition of the usage patterns and preferences of the human visitor. Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Content. These queries were executed on Google Scholar, and results recorded. Findings — Scholars have indicated different views in respect of spamdexing, characterised by different keyword density measurements in the body text of a webpage.


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The purpose of this foormat was to determine the best type of query to lead to a high-ranking website containing the required abstract when searching for academic publications. However, free-form Internet searching is still preferred by foormat students.

The positive responses from lecturers showed that the CIL had merit and that it would be continued but needed to be improved. Such advertisements are called sponsored links, and appear next to or above organic results on search engine results pages. It is a technique used to evaluate product development that incorporates direct user feedback in order to decrease costs and create products and instruments that meet user needs.

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However, it is also claimed that the implementation of these issues in real-life websites lag behind the theory. Melius has a strong international presence, and has thessi a number of guest lectures over the years.

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Some of the results had to be foormat due to small sample sizes. In mid he spent three months teaching at this university. Library and Information Research35 1: Since the target market of MXit is the youth, the authors have conducted a survey of a number of school-going and working youth by means of a questionnaire.

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Further empirical work has been done to determine whether or not a website will be able to maintain its high ranking with minimal changes to the website itself over a period of one year. Based on a literature survey, it is expected that the text-based website will achieve higher rankings than the graphics based formmat.

This finding confirmed that of another author in the field. It was found that an investment in SEO was seldom cpt. Search Engine Optimisation and Website Visibility. Role of librarians in teaching information literacy in Zimbabwean and South African universities: Prof Peter Underwood edit.


Expected results from the methods employed above could prove that websites in dot-com domains are ranked higher than alternative gTLDs by search engine crawlers.

Thus, it is important to understand how search engines use the information contained on websites to index and rank them in their databases.

Lecturers highlighted the positive impact of the IL programme on student learning. Many hours can be spent on creating a Web site before finally introducing it theeis the world.

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The principal objective of this research project was to determine the extent to which e-Commerce websites make use of metadata to enhance website visibility to search engines. The implementation of SEO required a relatively large investment at the outset, but it was once-off.

Objectives The objective of this research was ccput investigate, using three real-world case studies, the actual expenditure on and income from both SEO and PPC systems. The methodology used was to identify and use three postgraduate fhesis to populate each one of the three systems with the same collection of documents on similar topics, being stored in two standard formats. Website Visibility and Academic Ranking. Failure to do so could earn a website permanent banning from search engine indices.