NJS- Loosing contracts, high staff turnover, unhappy pilots, poor pay and conditions, get bonded for 5 years, salary sacrafice part of endorsement, aircraft numbers decreasing etc etc. Send Pilot Pete an e-mail. Third day is the phsyche eval. Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies BigBoeing , 27th Oct Thanks for the help!

Other things you may want to include are a nice photo or headshot if you have one, foreign languages you speak, any impressive references your prospective employer can call, relevant volunteer work air ambulance work, etc. Try to create a single page resume for best results. They must be asked to become empathic people that empathize with problems with the family, their classmates, as well as their acquaintances. Do you have family nearby? Where are you looking for a job? For example, if their junior domicile is New Jersey.

We have a Pac Blue guy coming to us on ppdune round, so it would get you in the country on a jet making OK money. Paid maternity and pantsuits for LDS church employees! There are probably lots of reasons buried deep within his lizard brain, but a big reason is also because you allow it.

I was in the same position as you guys and it worked for me with one of them. I plan to maintain my certification even ckver obtaining a civilian job.

Cover letter examples for airline pilots

Then it’s the sim after lunch. I am also interested in Fredom Air or Pacific Blue if you know anything about them as well.


I’d like to send copy along with my application. A few more questions if you don’t mind So they are hiring.

cover letter pprune

The way I did it with Air NZ was to start applying when my wife said Kiwi and i decided to move to Godzone permanently. We write the best law research proposals. I personally feel that it depends on the person ldtter is reading the application.

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First Paragraph – State what position you are applying for and what makes you the best candidate for pprhne job. Scroggs, I take your view stating that I am quite wrong. Make sure you’re legitimate. Cover Letter for Pilot.

cover letter pprune

I need to move there just to save airfares. All the covering letter needs to do is confirm what post you are applying for, lteter include your contact details. NJS loosing contracts by the day However, you are right that careful research particularly here on PPRuNe will reveal all that you need to know, both about CVs themselves and their covering letters.

So, my advice is to keep the cover letter personal.

cover letter pprune

Aviation Cover Letter Example for individual attempting military transition targeting leadership job position as a civilian For instance, it will be really nice if covering an instance that happened about 10 years ago it will be possible to locate a news paper of the time by having an article in your topic.


Draft one up yourself, and then ask a pilot who will more than be willing to help you with out any money Find More Posts by scroggs.

Can I send out the same clver for each application? LOL Good Luck to you! Any thoughts on whether to fold the CV and covering letter, or send them in an A4 evelope and risk it getting mauled by Postman Pat?

Cover Letter Examples For Airline Pilots

If you can land a work permit you might want to look at Pacific Blue to get in the door. Hour Cadet First Officers who are seeking their pprne flying job. Cover letter examples for airline pilots. Lettr guy’s must have some kind of secret hand shake or something. Never miss a story from Creative Writingwhen you sign up for Medium. Keep a record of when you posted the letter, and follow up with a telephone call after about a week.

As an employee of your company, I would fulfill my role as a team member with great enthusiasm for learning and the utmost in professionalism.